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Are you considering making the switch from real grass to fake grass for lawns? Well, we have some good news.

You can order a free sample of the artificial grass that we have in stock so you can better make your decision on whether you want to invest in a whole fake lawn. We specialise in supplying alternative grass solutions to both domestic and business users here at the Artificial Lawn Company and we know many customers will want to try before they buy.

Our ‘Request a Sample' form is easy to complete. Simply fill in your details, select which grasses you would like a sample of and we will send them to you within the next few days. Once you receive the samples of artificial grass, you can get a better understanding of which turf will be suitable for you and its intended usage.

Once you have decided which type of grass you want to invest in, you can arrange with us to measure up your lawn and begin the installing process. If you want to do it all yourself though, we can give as much guidance as you need on how to lay artificial grass - it's entirely your choice.

We offer complete flexibility throughout the buying process and any questions you have can be quickly and effectively answered by a member of our specialist team.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your free sample of artificial grass and choose which one you prefer. 

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