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So, your pup’s just had a haircut to keep them nice and cool in the hot weather, and you have all the treats ready for a season of training! But what about out-of-training hours, when your energetic pup wants a quick run around or a lazy afternoon; how else can you treat them to, what could be, their best summer yet?
Well, why not create an outdoor play run for your pup, using artificial grass. Not only is it easy on the eyes and paws, but this surface is extremely durable, meaning it will last for years to come, without suffering as a result of puppy rough and tumble.
Keen on the idea? Keep reading for more on how to fashion a fun play run for man’s best friend.
Agility-Inspired Fun Track
There’s nothing better than watching your four-legged pal getting all the exercise they want (and need!) and, well, just having the time of their life on your picture-perfect yet sturdy lawn. So, as an idea, you could always put together an agility-inspired fun track! With plenty of tunnels to run through, toys to chew and comfy cushions to laze on after a long day of play, your pup is sure to love the newest addition to the garden!
Give the Kennel a Facelift!
If, however, the heat is a little too much to be running about in, you always have the option of giving the kennel a facelift and placing it in the shade. That way, they can still be part of the family fun without tiring themselves out! This option is also inexpensive, and you’ll be surprised what a lick of paint and a few cosy accessories will do.
Alternatively, you can always try your hand at a new DIY project, and build a more spacious, even luxury space for your pup in the garden. Couple this with a full water bowl, a treat now and then and all their favourite toys, and they’ll be more than content lazing in their kennel.
These are just two ideas you can try for outdoor fun with your pup. Do you have any more suggestions that you’d like to add or any projects you’ve undertaken to give your pup the best summer yet?

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