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Here at Artificial Lawn Company, it is true that the majority of our time is spent on the design and renovation of the traditional back garden, but that isn’t the only area where our synthetic turf can work its magic. A growing trend has seen many homeowners and businesses turn a previously dreary roof space into a welcoming retreat.

Of course, not everyone has the possibility of creating a beautiful rooftop garden design, but those that do may not realise what they are missing out on. Need more proof? The Artificial Lawn Company team has scoured social media to find some fantastic examples of roof garden designs that can easily be implemented into your residential or commercial building.

Simple but Effective Rooftop Garden

Our first example showcases a beautifully simple rooftop garden design that makes use of an artificial grass lawn. The open-plan design with seating neatly tucked away to the side allows for space where numerous guests can gather, either for a party or just somewhere to unwind and relax. 

Potted plants add to the natural feel of the garden, whilst trees also provide an element of privacy to the space. We’re certain that this will prove to be a popular hangout during the warm summer months, providing an ideal venue for evening get-togethers between friends and family members.

The Life of the Party


Your rooftop space could be the ideal spot for a social gathering, you just haven’t realised it yet. Just look at how this stunning inner-city rooftop has been decorated using artificial grass, subtle lighting and garden furniture to create a truly fantastic retreat. A garden every bit as beautiful as the backdrop the city skyline provides, this certainly beats any loud and expensive bar you might find in Central London on a Friday night.

Although the actual area of the rooftop may not be much, how it has been presented means it appears more spacious than it actually is. Well-placed hedges around the perimeter go well with the fake grass carpet, that looks as smooth as a bowling green. The charming benches and tables provide the finishing touch to this garden roof.

Greenery in the Concrete Jungle  


As awe-inspiring as the city may be, it can feel as though the concrete jungle is missing a little nature at times. That’s why we love this example of a roof garden design that brings some much-needed personality into an otherwise colourless view. Imagine heading here for your lunch break, resting back on a lounger in the sun after a meeting that has taken up the entirety of your morning. What better way to relax ahead of the afternoon push? 

If nothing else, this lovely garden roof acts as a welcoming spot for people to socialise with one another. It is amazing what a small amount of artificial turf, potted plants and seating can do to transform an otherwise forgotten about space.

A Gardener’s Paradise


Up until now our rooftop garden examples have been great for those of whom are simply looking for somewhere to sit down, perhaps with a cold glass of something nice, while the more traditional gardener might be left wondering what is there for them? Well, fear not because this fantastic example of a residential rooftop garden shows that you can indeed indulge in your favourite green-fingered hobby while standing on top of the world. 

This roof gardener has done a fantastic job of installing raised beds around the garden where they can plant magnificent blossoms. With the proper care and gardening know-how, there is no reason why your flowers won’t bloom just as well as if they were planted in the ground. With the added feature of a realistic artificial grass turf laid across the rooftop, you might just find yourself forgetting that you are standing on top of building and not in the middle of a nature reserve.

Making the Most of your Outdoor Space

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This final example of converting a rooftop into beautiful garden space is simply fantastic, and not just because you can see the top of the Shard in the background, either. If you have the resource available, this shows exactly what is achievable and we are sure that you will agree it’s something quite fantastic. 

As you can see, this the idea behind the rooftop garden incorporates both artificial grass and patio, along with picnic benches allowing for several people to sit and eat together. In the heart of the nation’s capital, we can easily imagine this proves to be a popular hangout for those in the know. 

Are you feeling inspired from our pick of the rooftop gardens ideas and designs found on social media? If so, why not get in contact with the team at Artificial Lawn Company today and we can work with you to revitalise your roof space today.

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