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Fake grass has a number of unique uses from artificial sports surfaces to indoor carpets and walls for a child's bedroom. But what about for reptiles? Artificial turf is widely used amongst reptile owners to line vivariums; owners choose to do so for varieties of reasons that have all been compiled below for your benefit. If you're a reptile owner looking for a healthy, safe alternative to the typical calci sand bedding why not consider a fake grass carpet?

For starters, reptiles especially snakes, are fond of its strong, realistic green colour as it gives the illusion that they are in their natural habitat. This will impact highly on the reptile's satisfaction as a pet and how well it takes to the vivarium if you haven't already purchased your reptile.

Furthermore, fake grass carpets are incredibly easy to clean which is beneficial as it will provide a much cleaner environment for your reptile. This is highly important for the health of your reptile. Also, by lining your vivarium with artificial grass it will not need replacing as often as other bedding such as newspaper as it can be simply washed down when it needs to be cleaned.

If you have a reptile who loves to climb then artificial grass can be an ideal alternative as it gives them something to hook onto and explore during their time in the vivarium keeping them active and healthy.

Reptiles can make fantastic pets and given a healthy diet and appropriate enclosure can live a long while. Fake grass carpet is an ideal alternative to all forms of lizard, snake and other reptile bedding that may eventually grow weak and weary over time.

The best thing is that fake grass lawns come at a reasonable price meaning that you don't have to dish out every month on a new fake grass carpet when you can simply make one secure payment and cut it down to size when need be.

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