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The SFF or Somali Football Federation has recently released information regarding the first phase of the football pitch renovation of Somalia's oldest stadium.

With an overall capacity of 15,000 the stadium was officially inaugurated in 1956 by the Italians, it went on to receive later expansions in the 1980's at the hands of the Chinese. At one point it was considered to be the largest, most modern stadium in Africa and was renowned for hosting many international events including all African and Arab games, the CECAFA (council for east and central Africa football associations) tournament and many others.   

Although the stadium already has a variety of uses, the owners plan to approve additional features of which have already begun. These additional upgrades include accommodations for visiting fans, VIP facilities and an artificial sports surface.

After withstanding many eras, stages and events such as the colonial rule, the civil war and Ethiopian control, the stadium is finally returning to its rightful owners; the Somali Football Federation organisation.

Artificial sports surfaces have witnessed a tremendous development over the past decade and are now able to supply stability, durability and a high level of safety for all of its users. Not only this, it is also perfect as an all-weather alternative to natural grass as it does not become waterlogged or dry out like natural grass would therefore posing no health and safety risks. Artificial sports surfaces are ideal for hosting for big events, as they provide a durable surface which minimises injuries in the process.

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