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In recent news, it has been revealed that work to revamp the Bristol City Ashton Gate stadium has commenced and will kick-off with plans to dig up and replace the existing turf with a semi-plastic overlay. This project was originally approved in November last year and is estimated to take around two years to complete, however, it has been mentioned that the team will be able to continue with practice and games in the stadium. According to the BBC, Craig Richardson, grounds manager, commented: "I'm keen to get started; we've got six weeks to get the pitch constructed so time is quite crucial really."

The turf pitch will also be relocated by moving it 16ft sideways, meaning that the Wedlock and Williams stands will need to be demolished and re-built as part of the construction plans. The remaining stands, Dolman and Atyeo, are rumoured to undergo a refurbishment and are going to be altered.

Mr Richardson said: "We're going to take the grass surface off, then the diggers are going to lift up the root zone and we're going to transport that and stick it at our Failand training ground and build a pitch there."

The artificial turf that will cover the pitch is the same type used at Wembley stadium and it is thought the grass will be versatile enough to withstand sufficient wear and tear as both football and rugby will be played on the turf.

Bristol Rugby Club will appear on the brand new pitch next season, when Bristol City isn't using the stadium.

The redevelopment project for revamping the stadium is the first to arise for the stadium since 1996, when the Atyeo stand was established to take the place of an open terrace.

This plan is said to be just one alternative to proposals suggesting that a new stadium at nearby Ashton Vale should be built though this proposal has been delayed by a request and application for a town green.

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