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Now that summer has finally rolled around, there are lots of things to do, see and get stuck into. Of course, picnics in the park and day trips to the beach will likely top most people's lists but there are also a host of practical activities the summer makes easier. Washing the car and cleaning the driveway, painting the fence and shed and doing a bit of DIY in the garden are all popular choices of activity in the warmer months; and for good reason. Working on the garden at the start of summer and getting it just right means you will have your own slice of paradise to enjoy way into August and September. 

DIY in the garden can be anything from replanting the flower beds and fixing a few rogue panels on the fence to completely relaying everything and redesigning the whole garden from scratch. Of course, how extreme your garden DIY is depends on your tastes and budget, but for many people who struggle to be green-fingered, the easiest way to give the garden a revamp is to resurface the whole thing.

For a low maintenance lawn that looks lush and green even in the harshest of summer weather, people turn to artificial grass. Incredibly versatile, low maintenance and always picture-perfect, an artificial lawn is ideal if you need to turn a worn out garden that requires a lot of hard work into a stunning, easy place to enjoy. Perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes, artificial grass is a great alternative to a real lawn, but what about the rest of your garden DIY project?

Even a stunning, quality artificial lawn from the Artificial Lawn Company will need some finishing touches to transform your garden. If you want to completely redesign the space as a peaceful escape then you will need to spend time and effort looking at how to theme and dress it properly.  Of course, to make a big impact without too much fuss, you could consider relaying other surfaces in your garden to complement your artificial grass and fit your desired theme. This will enable you to create a specific seating area where you, your friends and your family can relax and enjoy the stunning sunshine whilst admiring the newly done-up garden.

Here are some ideas of what surfaces and seating areas you could combine with artificial grass to create your ideal garden design.

Choose Decking For...A Pool Deck

Yes, crack out the paddling pool or the full sized inflatable and set it off with your very own decking which you can construct in a single or multi-level format. You will create a semi-tropical paradise in your British back garden! Opt for palms and brightly coloured plants to create a tropical vibe and invest in some colourful or exotic garden accessories such as garden tableware, string lights and outdoor candles. Then just sit back and make the most of every sunny day!

Choose Patio For...An Ever So English Experience

A patio is a fairly versatile in terms of design and layout. You can create patterns with stones of different shapes, sizes and colours which will add an extra decorative element to the garden. A patio can be dressed up and dressed down. Use softly coloured roses and fancy wrought iron garden furniture for a chic, country garden feel or invest in some outdoor beanbags, cushions and tiki torches to create a relaxed, beach party vibe. In both cases remember, every patio needs a barbecue!

Choose A Summer House For...An Au Natural Garden

An au natural garden with an elegant and subtle seating area is always a good choice. You may not fancy a defined and designated seating area, a multi-level garden or a mixture of surface materials. If you are happier with a long, lush green expanse to enjoy as opposed to a structured garden floor plan then leave the majority of your garden as artificial grass. You can still have a garden path, pretty flower beds and a small patch of paving stones if you need one. As for entertaining though, opt for a comfortable, fun and relaxed vibe with picnic blankets on the lawn and a summer house tucked away in the corner. This way you get the best of both worlds with an unspoilt au natural garden and a charming form of comfort and shelter where you can enjoy the garden for longer, even if the drizzle sets in.            

There you have three ways in which you can transform your garden this summer; all you need is a love of DIY, some artificial grass and a little creativity. So go and get your slice of paradise ready to enjoy the summer in!

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