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An advancement in turf for football has made the sport playable all year round within countries whose weather conditions have often made football matches unplayable and postponed. Countries with dry conditions (particularly within South America and Africa) find it difficult to find soil for a healthy growth of grass during summer. Artificial grass is a popular style of turf which can supply a year-round, all-weather proof sports surface.

The turf has been a vast improvement within the African countries as the artificial sports surfaces are replacing the dust and dirt that many of the locals are playing in. Many charities and organisations across the world are investing in African sport facilities and renovations which produce better conditions for both locals and professionals within the continent.

Just years ago, Africa's professional football stadiums lacked the equipment or facilities to keep all stadiums with grass turf; some even had to make do with rubber ground or dirt. The African people are quite happy with these conditions for their love for the sport overcomes any requirements for specific ground; though FIFA and other various organisations believe that the African population deserve better footballing facilities.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa seemed to direct the media's attention to Africa's need for improvements. There is so much potential for Africa to produce great teams and players; it was recognised the deprivation in coaching and facilities. For this reason, the continent received $70 million.

The era of the South African World Cup brought artificial grass installers to supply 54 full-size football pitches with artificial sport surfaces; 15 of these used for the qualifiers leading to the finals. Regional seminars on pitch maintenance also informed grounds men.

Along with these surface developments, training, courses, medical programmes, youth development and media support were all incorporated with the $70 million investment from FIFA's ‘Win in Africa, With Africa' scheme.

Businesses around the world are being informed that there is no better time to invest in Africa, as it holds 7 of the world's fastest growing economies. With this investment and the help of artificial sport surfaces, companies like ourselves can help people all over the world enjoy sport that little bit more. 

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