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Fake lawns are becoming more and more popular by the day; however you might ask ‘what can I get out of having a fake lawn at home?'

Well, to begin with as a homeowner you want a lawn that you can be proud of. You may put a lot of effort into trying to maintain your garden so that it looks perfect all through the year, however this can be a challenging task with a lawn that just won't comply.

Real grass is highly affected by the temperament of the seasons and because of this, it seems an impossible task to have nice grass all year round. Artificial turfs relieve you of this stress and allow you to have the grass that you desire whatever the weather.

Another big advantage of having synthetic grass lawns is that they do not fall victim to the classic wear and tear casualties that normal lawns undergo almost every day. This means that they instantly become suitable for any sort of activity and lifestyle, including one that involves a number of pets.

For pet owners, a big bonus of having this type of grass is that it is easy to wash away any faeces, keeping your turf clean and ready for any occasion.

If you have children you'll understand the devastation of bald patches that can arise after a rough days play. With artificial grass you don't need to worry about these daily hassles as it is durable to any type of sport or general play activity.

It also offers incredible drainage, meaning that when it rains or has been recently washed it will dry quickly and efficiently.

There is no need to use harmful chemicals such as weed killers and pesticides as there is no need to protect it from insects and weeds.

Become the homeowner of the year and enhance your unkempt lawn with a new synthetic turf today. 

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