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Here at the Artificial Lawn Company (ALC) we think artificial grass should be enjoyed and  be beneficial for everyone. That's why we stock a wide range of lawns for every user, which including people and pets. 

We recognise that looking after a pet isn't always smooth sailing especially when it comes to maintaining an attractive-looking garden. This is where having a fake lawn is truly a godsend! Delicate real grass can soon become comparable to that of a dog's dinner - a yellow patchy field of mud. Artificial grass eliminates all of these problems and more, so your pooch can frolic until its hearts content, rain or shine.

Summer Lawn

The Summer lawn is one of our most all-round lawns in our entire range. Its resilient nature makes it ideal for both children and pets. The summer lawn will have your dog's tail wagging all day (and night) long. The Summer Lawn is in fact among one of our most popular lawn types because of its multi-faced characteristics. Your pet will feel right at home on his new artificial playground and there's no need to fret about the laborious task of cleaning because it's incredibly easy to clean too!

Dura Lawn

Like our Summer Lawn the Dura Lawn (short for durable if you hadn't already guessed) is another great lawn for your pets to pounce around on. Realistic, resilient and reliable; it's hard - wearing but soft to the touch which makes it perfect any occasion. So say you're a dog trainer for instance, you'll need a surface that can endure high impact assaults and still manage to keep its looks. Well, look no further because the Dura Lawn is definitely the lawn for you.


An artificial lawn brings wide array of benefits to any household with pets these included:

- A low maintenance area for your dog to play on safe and securely

- A resilient and reliable surface which can withstand high impact and still remain at its best.

- Easy to clean and can be used with disinfectants too

- A low cost solution to the perfect garden for both you and your pets.

Artificial grass is perfect for dogs, cats and kids big or small. So even if your pet is the most energetic dog on the face of this earth we're sure our lawns will go the distance and then some. Soft and durable underfoot, our range of lawns are as safe as they come. Another great thing about ALC's lawns are that they are among the most realistic available anywhere! So if you're looking for the perfect patch for your pet(s), one that is aesthetically pleasing and can withstand those blistering days and bitterly cold nights then ALC is the only place you need to go. For information regarding any of products, goods or services please browse our site or contact us via the options available.

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