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Now that the shortest day of the year has passed us and 2014 has officially begun, residents of the UK are beginning to look forward to lighter nights and warmer temperatures as spring and summer approaches. For British holiday parks across the country this is their peak season, and they may be wondering what they can do this year to attract visitors and provide and experience like no other  as a result of more and more families choosing to take domestic holidays, also known as 'staycations' rather than go abroad. That's why managers should not gloss over the benefits of swapping natural grass for artificial to cover their outside areas due to the range of benefits they can provide a park in terms of its maintenance, suitability and popularity.

A smart sight to see

A lot can be said for the smart appearance fake grass for lawns gives to a holiday park regardless of its location or weather conditions. Nothing's more welcoming than the appearance of a freshly cut lawn to visitors which can be achieved with artificial grass, as opposed to muddy or unsightly dry patches common amongst natural grass lawns. Available in several luscious shades of green, a fake lawn presents itself as a colourful addition to any holiday home to help holiday makers get in the mood for having a fantastic getaway.

Perfect for sports

There are several reasons why sports centres and football pitches across the world tend to prefer artificial sports surfaces provided by fake grass for playing sports on. One of which includes its convenience, providing an ideal solution to heavy footfall and minimising the risk of wear and tear from being excessively used. This characteristic is essential for areas like children's play areas or patches near pools which are likely to be used by lots of people, and with fake grass you can ensure these recreational zones are kept both clean and green throughout the year.

Easy to maintain

Providing a soft and easy to care for solution to unappealing grass surfaces, artificial grass is ideal for surrounding swimming pools and outside areas thanks to their low maintenance. All gardeners or caretakers need to do is some occasional watering to ensure it stays a long-lasting pristine glossy shade of green, remembering to check the seams occasionally to ensure it is properly attached. This significantly helps companies to save money in the long run, which can then be spent elsewhere on providing more facilities for visitors and ensuring they have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Great for families

As a result of the above characteristics artificial grass is an ideal investment for any holiday park which regularly attracts families. For areas where children are the target market, such as outside play areas for crazy golf, hosting family friendly activities has never been easier by using fake grass as it provides a soft surface ideal for recreational activities. Whether it's running around or simply relaxing by the pool, make sure their holiday is one to remember by providing them with a lush grassy landscape that's as good as the real thing. 

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