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The word artificial has had a bad rep for far too long. Bungled in with words like "fake" and "phony." As a result, the seeds of doubt were well and truly planted. Our perceptions of things artificial could definitely do with a re-jig. Well, where better to start then from the ground up?


Well don't be, because we're going to dispel all the common misconceptions about that artificial lawn you've always been wanting buy. Allow our guide to make everything crystal clear.

Misconception#1 - "I couldn't afford to buy an artificial lawn, their only for people with more money than sense."

Actually, buying an artificial lawn is cheaper than you might think. Granted, there are building and installation costs to wrangle with initially. However, you stand to save a heap of money in the long term, as an artificial lawn doesn't need to be mowed, watered or treated with chemicals. Check out The Artificial Lawn Company's exciting range of lawns made to suit every budget.

Misconception#2 - "An artificial lawn would make my garden look more like a pitch and putt course rather than an idyllic sanctuary."

Nowadays you can find lawns that look identical to the real deal, they'll have your neighbour's pining to know your secret. For more information and  images of just how realistic artificial grass can look click here.

Misconception#3 - "The blades of artificial grass probably feel like walking on shards of glass. Not safe for my children or dog."

Older incarnations of artificial grass used to be mixed with harmful chemicals. Today's however, are completely inert and designed to be used (in some cases abused) by even the most destructive little monster. Its plush surface means it acts as a much safer and softer landing pad compared to its real counterpart.

Misconception#4 - "Even if I wanted to get an artificial lawn, how would I even install it!?"

Artificial lawns are easier to install than you might think. ALC have a step by step video- instructional guide in how to install your own lawn, making it a doddle! Pushed for time or can't get round to it? Don't worry about it they've also got you covered, with their expert installation service.

Misconception#5 - "I care about the environment too much to buy an artificial lawn.

Artificial lawns are eco-friendly! They conserve on water because they don't require a single drop. Harmful pesticides, what harmful pesticides? Artificial lawns don't use them so you can scratch that of your eco saver list.

Now you're in the know, there should be nothing stopping you from buying an artificial lawn. Why are you even reading this you should ordering your lawn. Now!

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