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Artificial lawns in a back garden are a great idea to keep children safe but some homeowners are concerned that because an artificial lawn is often seen in the homes of the rich and famous or in the outside areas of major companies and corporations that they will not be able to afford an artificial lawn for their back garden.

We are here to confirm that is not the case when you order your artificial grass from The Artificial Lawn Company.

You will find that your children find it more enjoyable to run, dance and play on a fake grass lawn as there is an added bounce to it that a normal lawn does not offer, on top of this the bounce in the fake lawn protects your children when they fall, they are no longer falling on a hard and dangerous surface.

The soft fibres of a fake grass lawn also protect children from scrapes and grazes and there are no harmful weeds such as thistles or nettles growing in a fake grass lawn that could harm or irritate your children.

You will also notice from experience that worn or dead grass can become muddy and slippery when wet from rain and therefore can become a danger (and a mess) when your children are playing in the garden. This is not the case with an artificial lawn as there is no dry mud to turn into a muddy puddle.

One of the most popular benefits of a fake grass lawn is that it stays green all year round; always looking luscious, welcoming and healthy while needing minimal maintenance to keep it looking so good.

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