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Novelty is underrated in much of the professional world. With the sheer volume of rules, regulations, policies and protocols to follow on a day to day basis, it is easy to understand why the novel isn't always a priority.

However, doing something a little different in the office can really make the world of difference for both individual employees and to the business as a whole. Decorating your office in a way that is a little out of the box has a wonderful effect on the overall atmosphere; a fun and comfortable office creates a culture of creativity and productivity which helps keep staff happy and work under control.

There are all sorts of ways you can go about jazzing up your office, either by focusing on pockets of fun or giving the place a total overhaul. One way you can go though is to use artificial grass.

Artificial grass is a versatile and effective material that can be used in all sorts of spaces. It can bring the outdoors in and inject a little bit of personality into a room of any shape, size and purpose. With a little imagination and a desire to make your office a more exciting place to be, you will see that artificial grass can be used for far more than a straightforward fake lawn.

To see three of the areas in your office that would benefit from artificial grass, read below.

Canteen or Breakout Space

The canteen or breakout space is perhaps one of the most used areas in any office. Whether it is for a quick mid-morning coffee or a much-needed lunch hour, people see the canteen as a place to go to escape and enjoy. That is why it should be as homely and as relaxing as possible. A mixture of both practical and comfortable seating is best, with vibrant fun colours to keep people engaged and happy. Artificial grass is a great feature for canteens. Not only does it add instant colour and inspire a feeling of playground fun, it is also practical, easy to clean and incredibly durable - even under heavy lunchtime traffic.

Meeting Room

There is no doubt that meeting rooms need to be professional in the case of external visitors and clients. However, if you have more than one meeting room at your disposal, there is no reason why they all have to be corporate in appearance. Having a designated internal meeting room decorated with staff in mind is a great way to ensure teams have a comfortable space that promotes productivity, teamwork and creativity. An artificial grass floor, a selection of bean bags, cushions and novelty seating and a bright colour palette will all help to build a defined space for team meetings and brainstorms. This space is incredibly important in the workplace because it needs to encourage and enthuse people, in order to ensure they generate their best ideas there.

Foyer Landscaping

Think of your office foyer as the eyes to your company. It is the first feature people will notice so you need to make sure that is makes a great impression. Of course, some industries and businesses require classic or minimalist decoration but if you want to create a quirky and unique first impression via your foyer, artificial grass is a great option. You can use it as flooring, to build a "path" through the foyer or even as wall decoration. You just need to use a little bit of imagination.

Of course, depending on where your imagination takes you, artificial grass could be used in all sorts of office nooks and crannies. There are different styles, shades and strengths available and here at Artificial Lawn Company, we have a team of experienced specialists to give you advice and guidance on choosing the right artificial grass for your office.

So to provide your team with a fun work environment and jazz up your office with a different kind of decoration, get in touch today!

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