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Looking for something to invest your Christmas money in? Hoping to start 2017 off the right way, with a better balance of work and play? You've probably trawled the online sales and made a few resolutions to help you enjoy an easier life in the coming months. However, you may have overlooked the impact a new and improved lawn can have.

Not sure if your grass is that much of an issue, let alone a problem big enough to warrant a whole new lawn? Well, read on to see just five reasons to buy fake grass with this year's Christmas money.

Worried about Pets?

If you own pets, you will know that the garden is their playground. Cats will explore their realm, stalk birds and find cosy spots to curl up in. Dogs will run around, rub their backs on the grass and sprawl for a nap. Adorable as this pet-lawn relationship is, though, there are a lot of things your pet will do that kill a natural lawn.

As well as the obvious, where excitable dogs dig up the garden by its roots, you also face everyday battles in the form of your cat or dog destroying your lawn by eating it or urinating leaving it discoloured. With your grass under such stress, how could you ever keep it alive and well?

Worried about Upkeep?

For those who take pride in a tidy garden and go to great lengths to keep their lawn pristine, the biggest (and seemingly never-ending) hurdle is upkeep. In addition to what can seem like constant mowing, watering and fertilising, you have to manage a fine balancing act or risk ruining your lawn completely.

Just look at the different ways you can kill your real lawn, just by giving it some TLC. Underwater it and you're effectively left with a big, brown, outdoor rug; over-water it and you have a quagmire; under-mow and it is a jungle, over-mow and it is bald. Nothing this wild should create this much work!

Worried about Fungus?

If the name itself isn't bad enough, check out what it does to your garden.  Fungus is not pretty or fun. It ruins lawns and makes even more work for lawn-owners. From mushroom-sprouting, fairy ring fungus to strains that thrive in damp conditions and turn your lush green lawn into a brown and matted mess; this little problem alone is enough to trade problematic real lawns for low-maintenance artificial alternatives.

Worried about Trees?

Trees are a stunning addition to any garden. Even better for those with pets and children, they offer somewhere shady and safe to play or rest. Unfortunately, they are not so kind to your real lawn.

Grass will not grow under trees, in part because the trees block out the sunlight the grass needs, and in some cases because trees are notorious for hogging all of the nutrients. What you end up with is a lush green canopy of trees, a nice green grass rug in the middle, and an unsightly patchy mud border.

Worried about Grubs and Bugs?

Not pleasant, but true nonetheless. Grubs and bugs make their home in your lawn. As well as shelter, the blades and roots provide them with a nutritious food source. Unfortunately, this means you end up with creepy-crawly ridden grass that comes up in clumps. Not an appealing option for any garden.

To avoid all of the stresses associated with patchy, brown, bug and fungus infested grass you can choose a low-maintenance and ever-pristine alternative. Check out our guide to fake grass or get in touch with the team here at Artificial Lawn Company and buy fake grass you can be proud of.

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