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The use of artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular. Very much so, that people are realising its usefulness in some unconventional areas. Its low-maintenance, eco-friendly and cost-effective traits make its becoming discussed as ideal replacements for grass. More conventional artificial grass uses were for sport surfaces and fake lawns. Animal owners, office workers and event organisers are some of the people who are using artificial grass installers for innovative routines.

Recent dog shows have revealed that artificial grass is perfect for those with pets. It offers a solution towards easy maintenance; dogs are unable to dig it up and the mess they leave behind is drained very simply (it also does not hold the odour and is allergen-free). Crufts are the UK's leading canine exhibition which has shown that the dogs find the turf particularly natural.

Office designers of the world's most creative organisations have decided that artificial lawn is a great feature to add to office space. It is done to make offices look more exciting and add great appeal to the usual dreary office themes. Mostly the designers admire the way artificial grass creates a surreal environment for office workers.

Home owners have found other ways to use artificial grass. Spare pieces that they have from newly fitted lawns have urged house owners to find other uses for the material. This is why there is now a trend of using it as welcome mats. More purposeful uses are the way interior designers are using artificial grass on contemporary housing architecture. Eco-friendly houses are distinguished by their unique designs; some are covered in artificial grass, literally.

There are a number of uses for artificial lawns and can enhance your home or business simply and effectively. 

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