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We all remember those days on the field; running like there's no tomorrow in the baking sun, a small scrape of the knee quickly resolved by a plaster. However, with Britain's unpredictable weather, I'm sure we also remember those days of standing around in heavy rainfall waiting for our turn to bat, frozen to the bone with numb fingers and weak knees on a soaked sports field.

Now, of course we can't just switch the rain off and there will be times where we have to risk getting drenched, but is there an alternative that could help make our experience in the cold a little more... well welcoming? With the recent advent of artificial grass across the UK, many have switched to fake grass lawns to replace their old, torn up sports pitch in order to provide their players with a fresh, new playing field; but why? Well, let's take a look at a few of the benefits that artificial grass can offer you and your team.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the lawns resilience to wear and tear, commonly caused by rough sports. Not only will this help to diminish the risk of injury by avoiding dry, muddy patches and a flooded field, it will help to keep the pitch looking neat and tidy ready for the next season. In addition, for sports like football, sports fields can often suffer significant amounts of damage due to studded boots and heavy footed players however; artificial grass can help to reduce damage to the pitch, keeping it looking pristine and safe all year round.


Even in the worst weather conditions, artificial grass always comes out on top; why? Because of its incredible resilience to not only damage but also flooding, dry muddy patches and fading. Whether it's a day in the sun or getting caught in a heavy rainfall, these lawns are fantastic at providing a safer pitch for players. In terms of rain, this type of grass is a permeable material; this means that it can drain heavy rainfall in no time at all, providing the team with a safer and more pleasant pitch to play on. In addition, if the British weather happens to turn around in time for summer, it doesn't fade which means that it can maintain a luscious green colour all year round.

Money-Saving Alternative

Not only does artificial grass come at a fairly cheap price, it also saves on maintenance costs as it does not need cutting and simply needs a quick wash down to be cleaned, meaning that you can save on water too! What's more, by having an artificial pitch at your venue, you can rest assured that it looks great all year round and can be used in all weather conditions. Also, for those who want to use your pitch for games, they are much more likely to choose the fake grass alternative due to its properties and benefits.

These are just a few of the benefits of using an artificial sports surface. If you need any more advice on how to install artificial grass or why it would be beneficial for your business, please get in touch with our customer service team today for more information. 

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