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In this article we discuss just some of the reasons that fake grass lawns are great for children to play on and why fake lawns are becoming so popular in school playgrounds;

  • You can encourage your children to indulge in their creative imaginations by having coloured or patterned synthetic grass lawn that is made into a car racing track or a princess's kingdom.
  • Fake grass lawns can also help with falls that children so often have while playing outside. Synthetic lawns are soft and springy, which means that the fake grass can cushion the falls that your children have, leaving kids to be kids, not wrapped up in cotton wool.
  • Some children have allergies to grass and / or hay fever and this can stop them from enjoying life and playing outside but with fake grass these horrible allergens that cause your children to have sneezes and watery eyes can be a thing of the past.
  • You can now allow your children to play outdoors and indoors without holding up the fun by insisting they wipe their feet or take off their shoes - with fake grass lawns the garden is clean and dirt free which means no dirty foot prints throughout the house.
  • With a synthetic grass lawn you can protect your children's clothes longer and keep them looking as good as new due to the fact that grass stains will be a thing of the past.

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