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With the popularity of artificial grass continuing to rise, people are now starting to recognise the overwhelming benefits that come with installing an artificial lawn.  In this article, The Artificial Lawn Company will explain why we should all be saying Muchas Gracias to our artificial assistants. 

In somewhat of a homage to artificial grass, we will highlight just how useful it is and how it can positively affect our lives.

The Practical Benefits - Artificial grass comes bundled with a plethora of practical benefits, the main one being that it requires very little maintenance to achieve a lush green lawn. This huge benefit is evident through:

  • The lack of manual labour/input required means that you're free to spend your time doing other things - namely basking in its green glory.
  • Artificial grass is far more rigid and durable compared to its natural neighbour. Take our Summer Lawn for instance; an incredibly resilient and robust lawn with the aesthetic character to boot (quite literally). Natural grass tends to crumble under the pressure when comes to high impact usage or particularly adverse conditions, but this isn't the case for artificial grass- click here to see our full range.

The Aesthetic Benefits - Artificial grass isn't just teaming with practical perks but visual ones too. Thanks to its durable characteristics (mentioned above) it manages to retain its luxurious looks that can easily withstand the test of time. In addition to this:

  • With very little effort on your part, you can rest assured that it will stay looking great come rain or shine.
  • You'll have people green with envy at the pristine appearance of your lawn. Our Luxury Lawn is the epitome of artificial greatness - straight yet soft and resilient, not to mention realistic and durable too.

The Economic Benefits - Artificial grass is far more affordable than natural grass in the long-term as there is no need to fork out on lawn care supplements and petrol for your lawnmower. In addition to this, artificial lawns don't require watering, so you don't have to worry about racking up a sky high water bill during those hot summer months. Those who benefit economically from artificial grass include:

  • People on lower incomes, like pensioners, for example. For those that have become less mobile they will find maintaining their patch of grass much harder. In some cases, they will be forced to pay someone else to maintain their lawn, which can be very costly. Some may even abandon maintenance altogether. An artificial lawn minimises the labour intensive needs of natural grass to manageable levels.

All of these benefits just go to show how robust artificial grass really is and how it can positively impact all of our lives.

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