Jointing Adhesive

Jointing Adhesive is used to join two lengths of artificial lawn together. To be used with jointing tape.  Mastic tube format, 1 tube covers 3 linear meters of jointing tape.  Can also be used to spot glue artificial grass to concrete.

£6.00 incl vat
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Artificial Grass adhesive is extremely important in regards to the installation of this grass. Without it, it will not remain firm and in position throughout its use.

Artificial grass adhesive is to be used in conjunction with lawn joint tape, when fixing both pieces of the artificial lawn together. By finding the right product that will fix them together tight enough to restrict any movement, you can expect an artificial lawn that will last for a number of years.

If you find an artificial grass adhesive that is not of great quality, you could suffer problems with your lawn and continually need to reapply the adhesive in order to maintain the grass.

By purchasing artificial grass adhesive from the Artificial Lawn Company, you can be sure that you are investing in a product that works and secures your grass in place. A tightly fixed lawn is especially important when you enjoy a number of garden parties or have children and pets within your household.

Artificial grass in its entirety is able to withstand much more aggravation compared to real grass, but with the correct artificial grass adhesive, it will be able to last even longer. So, when you are looking to purchase a jointing adhesive for your artificial lawn, look no further than the product offered from the Artificial Lawn Company.

It's strong, it's cost effective and it lasts!