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Ilford in Essex is around 30 miles away from our headquarters in Shorne, Kent. Furthermore, it is under 15 miles away from central London, resulting in its inhabitants consisting of hard-working commuters. With residents of Ilford wanting to escape the hectic nature of work upon returning home, the maintenance of their gardens is not at the top of their agenda. 

Artificial Lawn Company supplies the ideal solution of fake grass; it requires little to no maintenance and it is perfectly pleasing to the eye, no matter the time of year. 

Authentic Looking Lawns

With over 20 years of experience in the field of artificial grass production and installation, you can be sure that your garden is in trusted hands with Artificial Lawn Company.  We have spent years developing a fake grass solution that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. 

Since our products are of such good quality, it would be natural to assume that they are out of your price range, but this is absolutely not the case. We offer a variety of products, each of them catered to a different price range so that you have the power to choose your budget. Our synthetic grass is produced usingshaped fibres that do not fall flat after plentiful use. Additionally, our fake grass is crafted using a distinctive blend of colours that is almost identical to the colour of healthy, natural grass.

Furthermore, you will not be disappointed with the durability of our products as they are designed to last for 12-15 years. 

Installation Service in Ilford

It is always recommended that you get artificial grass professionally installed, and Artificial Lawn Company offers this service to the Ilford area.

It is advised that you do not take this task on yourself as you may end up with unsightly bumps and visible seams. Our team are well equipped to ensure that your lawn not only lasts for years, but that it looks great too. We will make sure that your lawn doesn't fall victim to unpredictable weather conditions and excessive footsteps.

If you would like to learn more about our professional installation service or get a quote for artificial grass in Ilford, click here.

A Sought-After Solution

It is a common desire to have an effortlessly great garden, and thanks to Artificial Lawn Company, this goal is well within reach. We offer to fit fake grass in old, new, residential, and commercial properties, making for an extremely diverse solution. 

You might find that your outdoor space does not have the required amount of sunlight for natural grass to thrive. Alternatively, you may simply not have the time or gardening expertise to maintain a real lawn. If this is the case, synthetic grass is the way to go.

Buy Artificial Grass in Ilford

Find out more about our fake lawn solutions by contacting us about our range of products and our expert installation services. Alternatively, check out our list of where we work to see if our installation services are in operation in your area.

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“I’d just like to say that the team worked so hard, and their attention to detail made a great deal of difference to me. It was their professionalism, that made me feel that I had made the right choice… thank you to all at the Artificial Lawn Company.”

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