• 1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

    These cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to move about the site or to provide certain features you have requested. They cannot be disabled

    • System settings cookies - used to remember your cookie preferences
  • 2. Functionality cookies

    These cookies enhance the functionality of the website by storing your preferences.

    • HCREM – enables storing of login information within the cookie; when you come back to the site you are automatically logged in (enabled only by setting "Keep me logged in" option, when logging in)
    • t – enables storing of colour preferences (accessibility option)
    • f – enables storing of font size preferences (accessibility option)
  • 3. Performance cookies

    These cookies help to improve the performance of the website, providing better user experience.

    • ecom_cart – stores your cart information within the cookie; when you log out or come back to the site your cart information is automatically brought back to the state when you left it
  • 4. Third party cookies

    These cookies are used by third party plugins.

    • Google Analytics – internal cookies used to provide statistic information about our visitors

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