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Uses of Artificial Grass

Whatever Your Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass can actually be used for much more than updating your garden lawn. Although this traditional purpose is still its most common use, people are beginning to use this versatile material in increasingly creative and innovative ways.

No matter whether it is for home or business use, required to withstand the effects of children, dogs or footfall at an exhibition, we are guaranteed to have an artificial grass to suit your individual needs.

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Artificial Grass and Residential Landscaping Ideas, UK 

We have a wide range of artificial grasses that are perfect for domestic and residential use. Whether you are looking for a busy family and pet lawn, an immaculate ornamental lawn or a natural-looking alternative to other types of outdoor flooring, we’ve got UK artificial grass garden ideas to suit. In addition, our grasses are well placed to be able to cater to non-traditional residential outdoor spaces. From roof gardens, terraces and balconies to unique pool surrounds, Artificial Lawn Company has got you covered with its artificial grass for balcony use and more.

Artificial Grass Landscaping for Commercial Properties

When it comes to business and commercial use, synthetic turf can also prove highly beneficial. Schools and playgrounds can benefit from our cushioned artificial turf, working to make playtime as safe as possible by minimising the impact of any falls or accidents.

Conversely, artificial grass makes a great, creative addition to your office or commercial property. Jazz up the workplace and inject a new lease of life into the environment with some strategically placed synthetic turf. Similarly, if you are attending an event or exhibition, artificial grass can provide a unique way to ensure your display is memorable for all the right reasons.

Artificial Grass Play Areas and Sports Surfaces

Another popular use of artificial grass is for sports clubs and organisations. Artificial sports turf has been proven to increase safety standards and will negate the risk of cancellations due to bad weather. Providing the ultimate all-weather sports surface, synthetic grass can make a great addition to any sports club or facility, ranging from golf courses to football pitches, tennis courts and cricket pitches.

Artificial Grass for Pets

Of course, it’s not just us humans who reap the benefits of artificial grass. When you choose our pet-friendly lawn, your furry friend will be enjoying a soft, cushioned floor covering that has been specifically designed with them in mind. Durable and hard-wearing to withstand playtime without compromising on quality, they are sure to love your new purchase!

Limitless Artificial Grass Ideas

We are firm believers in the fact that the only limitations on the uses of artificial grass are the ones that we place on it ourselves. This handy, versatile material can be applied in a countless range of situations, from residential gardens to sports clubs, playgrounds and more. Simply browse our website today to discover the perfect match for you and your individual needs.

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