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From football and rugby to tennis and golf, the UK is a nation of true sports lovers. Whether it’s watching your favourite players, indulging in a game yourself or cheering on your little one’s team from the sidelines, sports are a big part of life for many people.

However, when it comes to playing sports, safety is key. Traditionally, sports grounds, fields and pitches across the country have been surfaced with materials like tarmac and real grass. Although these may appear to be fine at first glance, they can actually be hazardous, potentially leading to tripping, falls and injury. Hard, non-cushioned surfaces are the usual culprit, though with natural grass, the field can also become muddy or slippery when wet, leading to an increased risk of injury.

For these reasons, many sports clubs and organisations are opting for artificial grass instead of the more traditional alternatives. When compared to real grass or tarmac, synthetic turf has a wide range of benefits to offer.

The Benefits of an Artificial Grass Sports Surface

Our range of artificial grass for sports has been specifically designed with the game and the players in mind, resulting in a comprehensive, safety-conscious solution. Equipped with a cushioned under-layer, our sports surfaces provide the ideal way to play your favourite sport without needing to worry about any safety concerns.

In addition, artificial grass is great for those requiring a long-lasting, cost-effective sports solution. Highly durable, flexible and adaptable to any given situation, it isn’t hard to see why increasing numbers of sports clubs and organisations are making the decision to invest in artificial sports surfaces.

Another benefit is the fact that synthetic grass is a low-maintenance option. No longer will you need to spend precious time and money mowing or watering grass, weeding, or treating the surface of your pitch. Instead, artificial grass requires significantly less work – freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on improving your game!

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Whether you are a garden sports enthusiast or a sports club or organisation, there is plenty of scope to transform your pitch or field into the perfect sports environment.

Here at the Artificial Lawn Company, we supply an extensive range of artificial sports surfaces perfectly suited to a wide variety of different sports and activities. If you want to practice your favourite sport from the comfort and convenience of your own garden, many of our grasses are well suited to individual sporting activities.

If you aren’t sure which surface will make the best fit for your sporting requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today for more information, or request a sample below.

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