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The benefits of artificial grass are endless, in particular the low level of maintenance required. However, there are some things that can become such a habit with your old lawn that you forget you now have fake grass. Quotes for artificial grass here. Read on to see some of the things that while they may seem obvious, can be easily forgotten, overlooked and potentially ruin your new lawn.

It Does Not Need Cutting

Maintaining areas in your previous garden was over-shadowed by the mowing of the lawn. However, this won’t be necessary with your fresh and pristine artificial lawn. Since the material is artificial and not a living organism, it will not grow and therefore does not need regular cutting. Hooray! No more waiting for the lawn to dry out before you face the elements with your lawnmower in tow, while trying to get it started and failing multiple times.


Surprisingly perhaps, your new artificial lawn won’t support the growth of flowers or other plants, notably weeds! Due to the underlay of the fake grass, they won’t come through. It may be worth considering leaving a particular section of your garden untouched so you can use it as a flower bed and still be able to enjoy the odd spot of gardening. 

Don’t Dig it up

Unlike natural grass, an artificial lawn doesn't need digging up or turning over at the change of the seasons. If you were to take a hoe to it, this would damage the blades and the underlay, possibly reducing the lifespan of your new lawn.

No watering

The summer months often see our green pastures turn a little brown and yellow at the mercy of the sun, therefore needing a lifeline i.e. the garden hose. Rest assured, however, your artificial grass will only need a brief watering to give it a clean, and rinse away any debris that may have got caught in the blades.

No raking necessary

The nature of artificial grass means that regular raking isn't necessary,  allowing you to enjoy staring at it for longer with no interruptions. Should you wish to give the grass a bit of rejuvenation, a stiff outdoor brush will be adequate.   

While some of these pointers may seem very obvious, it is surprising just how much of a habit maintaining your natural lawn can become. However, with all these nagging needs of your former lawn no longer a factor, you can sit back and enjoy the outdoors – carefree!

For any further maintenance tips keep an eye on our blog, or better still, get in touch and say hello to us here at Artificial Lawn Company!

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