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Some people are very keen on getting synthetic grass lawns for their gardens but they worry that their beloved cats or dogs will react negatively to it. Another concern is how long it will take these beloved pets to destroy the gorgeous fake grass lawn?

You will be pleased to know that there really is nothing to worry about and in fact, a fake lawn is better than a real lawn when it comes to letting your pets out into the garden for exercise and toileting. You will find that your dog, cat and garden will be better off with fake lawns.

One of the best things about a fake grass lawn is that it is permeable, this means that when a cat or dog urinates on your lawn it will drain straight through the surface. When your dog or cat deposits on the lawn it is easy to clean and disinfect with water from a hose pipe to clean it away and then special mixtures or even white vinegar can be used to disinfect the synthetic lawn.

As opposed to a ‘real lawn' where your dogs or cats will potentially destroy your lawn, with a fake grass lawn there will be no heavily stained grass patches or yellow areas where they have urinated or deposited. Synthetic grass is stronger that ‘real grass' too so there will be no more worn down grass where your dog or cat runs back and forth.

You won't have to go around the garden scooping up deposits from your pets and whatever the weather outside in the garden - you will not get muddy paw prints throughout your house after letting your pets out into the back garden.

Synthetic Grass Lawns are good for your dog, good for your cat, good for your garden, good for your beautiful clean house and most importantly, synthetic grass lawns are good for you.

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