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We are often contacted by sellers of outdoor goods, such as picnic tables, patio furniture, outdoor children's toys or even sellers of caravans - companies like these require synthetic grass lawns to draw attention to their stands, so people can see how the products look in the ‘real outdoors' and to bring colour to their stand.

Sometimes these sellers ask if they can rent fake lawns from us but we feel this is not a good thing to consider, fake grass for lawns that has been rolled out, walked all over, rolled up, taken somewhere else, rolled up again and so on does not look as good. Once a fake grass lawn has been laid it should be left where it is and through doing that it will look brand new, fresh, healthy and colourful.

Hired fake grass has been used over and over again and stops looking so good, but turns into cheap and shabby-looking from being moved from place to place.

You will find that hired fake grass is cut into different shapes to fit various stands, however when fitted back together to fit your stand it could cause a tripping hazard for visitors to your desk - it does make it hard to sell to someone who has just fallen over when entering your stand?

You may find that if you hire grass you will also need to install it yourself and un-install it yourself and if there is any damage you will need to pay for that too. With fake grass from us, we will install the synthetic grass lawn on your behalf, giving you time to focus on the job in hand - selling your products.

We do our job so you can do yours - selling from a fantastic looking stand!

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