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So, you're thinking of opening a new sports centre for kids but you're unsure whether or not to invest in an artificial sports surface for the football pitch.

Though there may seem like no real competition, it is a common misconception that fake grass cannot withstand the same amount of force as normal grass. In fact, artificial turf is more durable and softer than natural grass, reducing the risk of injury as well as maintaining a fresh look every time it is played on.

Also, by using artificial grass you avoid the mess of bald mud patches and large puddles due to excessive amounts of rain water, which again reduces the risk of any injury and keeps the pitch in good shape.

If it does happen to rain, you don't have to wait long for the artificial sports surface to dry as it will just drain straight through. This is a huge advantage as it means no matches or training will have to be cancelled as a result of the weather and no players will be slipping and sliding during play.

Not only is synthetic turf sturdy, it is also flexible allowing for heavier sports play without any real damage to the grass itself.

By investing in an artificial sports surface, you will be saving yourself a lot of money that would have originally gone on natural grass repair. Also, as well as saving money you will ensure a safer pitch for your members to play on.

The sports surface doesn't have to be only dedicated to football; it can also be used for various other sports such as hockey, rugby and even baseball.  

With this new addition, you can keep your multipurpose field looking smart and presentable throughout the year as well as supplying the best possible turf for your members to play on. 

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