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Domestic Gardens

The Artificial Lawn Company team was tasked with transforming these two neighbouring front gardens in Gravesend, Kent. The front lawns were tired and worn out from a standard British summertime and struggling even with ample light and watering. These customers wanted a low-maintenance and natural-looking solution, so our 45mm Supreme Lawn was the best choice. It boasts the most natural appearance and, as it’s a front garden, receives minimal footfall and traffic.

Supreme Lawn Installation to Two Front Gardens in Gravesend, Kent

The Problem

  • The main issue with the current front gardens for this installation was the old and well-worn-out-looking lawn. Without lots of maintenance or perhaps re-turfing, these lawns were well past their best.

The Solution

  • As the client’s main focus was a natural-looking lawn area, Supreme Lawn was the best option. It boasts a 45mm pile and, with a four-tone colour mix, looks just like real grass (but better). 
  • In addition to their stunning appearance, our lawns are effortless to maintain, which isn’t the case for natural grass. Instead of frequent seeding, weeding, mowing, and watering, all the homeowners have to do is occasionally rinse and brush their lawns. Talk about a genius outdoor turf solution!

The Method

This was a standard installation for both areas:

  • Firstly, we removed the existing natural grass and disposed of it.
  • Next, we graded the areas to even levels and falls. 
  • Following this, we supplied, laid, and consolidated an ALC special granite aggregate binding layer.
  • After this, we supplied and installed our Supreme Lawn to the areas, securing the perimeter with six-inch galvanising fixing pins and seaming all necessary joints with jointing tape and weatherproof polyurethane adhesive. 
  • Next, we supplied our ALC infill sand and spread it with a mechanical rotary brush.
  • Finally, we cleared the area and ensured a quality finish. 

The Result

The finished result is two beautiful front gardens that blend in perfectly with the others along the street. People cannot tell they’re artificial and even ask how the homeowners keep their lawns so luscious and green.

This is all without the mowing, weeding and maintenance of a natural lawn! The odd brush is all these front lawns require to remain looking fantastic.

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