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A Gillingham-based school needed a quick and durable solution as their natural grass areas around the school were getting too muddy and worn with high footfall from the students. 

Pedigree Lawn Installation

Consequently, we installed a 580m long path so that a one-way system could be created around the school, to help with their covid measures. Previously, students were just walking on the natural grass; however, the grass couldn’t cope. In addition to this, the school was becoming messy from all the mud and dust during the summer.

Pedigree Lawn Installation to a school in Gillingham, Kent
The Problem

The school had seen more and more usage of the playground due to COVID bubbles and other restrictions. This led to greater wear on the natural grass and thus more mud, dust, and mess. 

The natural grass area was uneven and had multiple stumps, roots, old posts, and play equipment, creating trip hazards and an uneven surface. 

The playground also had this awkward tarmac area in the far-right corner, which the grass led down to. 

The Solution

We installed a 400m2 artificial grass area using our Landscape Lawn, including onto the tarmac area in the far-right corner. 

The Method

We installed our 35mm Grassflex underlay to the tarmac area in the far corner and fixed it down. The grass was then laid on top and secured with glue. 

For the installation of the remaining grass area, we removed the turf and laid a blinding layer of crushed granite, geotextile, and then the grass on top. After this, we added kiln dried sand infill and secured the lawn with six-inch steel pins along the edges. 

The grass was fixed down on the near edge (where the grass meets the main playground) by cutting a groove into the concrete and tucking the grass into it, creating a smooth transition from the playground to the grass area.

The Result

The finished result is a low maintenance and natural-looking grass play area, which is also very durable, all without the mud and mess caused by natural grass.

We completely transformed the area, making it more user-friendly, without the lumps and bumps the area had previously. For this reason, artificial grass for schools is growing in popularity, and Artificial Lawn Company is here to make it happen. Contact us to learn more. 

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