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To maintain the highest standards of workmanship we only use our own in-house installation teams.  Our professional service extends throughout our catchment area of London and the South East.  If you are outside our catchment area, we are happy to supply the same quality grasses and provide detailed instruction for DIY projects.

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Artificial grass is an increasingly popular alternative to the real thing, in both domestic and commercial settings. This is due to a range of associated benefits that mean imitation grass offers the best of both worlds when it comes to landscaping.

On the one hand, it looks like a perfectly manicured lawn, even in the midst of heatwaves and cold snaps. However, it does not require anywhere near the level of maintenance real grass does. It is also able to withstand prolonged and heavy duty use, offering a durable and long lasting surface that is suitable for all sorts of purposes.

With its roots stretching back to the 1960s, modern synthetic grass has evolved into the practical and impressive surface solution it is today. Though still made from synthetic fibres, 21st century artificial grass is manufactured with softer nylon or polypropylene elements, giving it a softer texture and a more realistic appearance than older versions of plastic grass.

The manufacturing process creates the "grass" as a type of yarn which is then cut into "blades". These blades are threaded onto the rubber backing to form a realistic sheet of grass, complete with tufts. In most cases, the final products will be multi-tonal and sand-filled to offer a more authentic grass-like appearance, a springier structure and a better form.

A lot of work goes into perfecting the engineering and manufacturing behind synthetic grass, and it is the complex components and scientific developments that make it such a popular and viable alternative to the real thing. Whether you are impressed by the technology behind it, the features and benefits of it or the outstanding aesthetic, there is no denying that false grass makes a real impact.

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