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Any household with a busy and chaotic mix of dogs and young children will despair of trying to keep on top of messy, muddy gardens. One such household had a back garden that was a veritable quagmire due to the energetic activities of two puppies and three children.

Best Artificial Lawn for Dogs

Between the children throwing all their energy in various games and sports, and the puppies digging feverishly for bones and balls, the natural lawn was left looking severely worse for wear. To add insult to injury, once the games were over, the muck and mud from five sets of feet and paws were then trailed into the house, despite best efforts and keeping the worse of the dirt at bay.

If this sounds familiar you may want to consider an artificial lawn - dog and child friendly, this natural looking ground covering will save your household from excessive mess and mud, as well as significantly cut down on the hard work usually involved in maintaining a natural lawn.

Artificial Lawn – The Ideal Choice for Busy Households

Our client’s garden was surrounded by greenery. As a result, it was also prone to collecting fallen leaves and twigs that would get trodden into the lawn to add to the overall sense of ruin. The decision to go for an artificial lawn from Artificial Lawn Company gave the homeowner a clean, easy to maintain garden ideal for dogs and children.

Due to the circular nature of the lawn, minimising wastage was uppermost during the design and installation process. Deciding on a 6m diameter lawn meant that Artificial Lawn Company could optimise with a 4m and 2m width roll of grass to ensure the homeowner got the best price possible.

Best Artificial Lawn for Kids Play

The 40mm Luxury Lawn product was selected as it was considered the hardest wearing that would prove the most resilient against the constant assault of energetic paws and little feet. No matter how much of a battering it got, it gave the homeowners a stunning, vibrant olive green garden, and a muddy footprint free kitchen, all year round.

Artificial Lawn Maintenance

The maintenance required was minimal and the lawn mower given away as it was no longer needed. Any fallen debris from the surrounding shrubs and bushes was swept away using a leaf blower or stiff broom. For the ultimate maintenance solution, you can even opt for one of our amazing electric power brushes! It helps to clean leaves, moss and other debris from the lawn whilst lifting the lawns pile. It has a handy collection bucket for debris and powerful electric motors for maximum performance with minimum effort!

Any dog poo was removed in the usual way and, if needed, a quick sluice with the hose or a watering can ensure that any residue is drained away in the usual way.

Artificial Lawn Company’s Luxury Lawn is one of its most popular premium products that is versatile and robust in even the most challenging of climates and circumstances. The product is delivered with a ten year guarantee.

Maintaining Biodiversity and Sustainability

It is important to note now that Artificial Lawn Company has been putting in place a number of processes to promote sustainability in its operations. When carrying out a new installation, all old grass products, trimmings and roll ends are collected and taken for recycling.

For those that are keen gardeners and are concerned about the biodiversity aspect of installing an artificial lawn, Artificial Lawn Company is keen to emphasise that biodiversity does not have to be compromised. Clever landscaping can incorporate native plants, bug hotels, feeders, and other installations that attract insect life to revive and rebalance whatever may have been previously lost. Just like this garden, native plants throughout really do help maintain biodiversity without compromising on that low maintenance goal. 

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