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What Brush to Use on Artificial Grass

One of the most popular reasons why our customers choose to install artificial lawns on their properties is for the simple reason that it reduces the amount of time and effort that they have to spend maintaining a lawn. This could be due to many issues – maybe they are getting older and don’t have the strength or energy. Maybe their careers are taking off and they simply no longer have the time. Maybe they just want to use their time on other pastimes.

Whatever the reason, the onset of summer heralds a Sunday morning cacophony of lawn mowers rhythmically traversing lawns as households spend their precious weekends trying to maintain control of the constant growth.

In those gardens where Artificial Lawn Company has completed some fabulous installations, homeowners have taken their special brush for artificial grass, completed a quick sweep around, and are sipping on a cup of coffee reveling in the lush, neat green of their garden.

It is important to note here that an artificial lawn is not maintenance-free. Although all our lawns come with a 10-year guarantee, most of our customers have continued to enjoy their lawns for 15 to 20 years. To achieve this longevity, it is important to understand that the more you look after the grass, the better service it will give you over a longer period of time.

Here's the thing – it is simply easier to maintain an artificial lawn. The physical strength required to push a heavy lawnmower up and down a garden, lugging around heavy baskets of often damp cut grass and emptying them into garden waste bins can get too much for many people as they get older. While carrying out light chores can help to keep you active, fit, and healthy, the back breaking element of lawn care is removed when replacing it with artificial grass.

What’s the Best Brush for Artificial Grass?

A brush is used not just to sweep away any debris that may have landed on the lawn, but also to lift the pile that may have become flattened over time and use. In the same way that a lawn looks its best when it has been mown, a brush for artificial grass will produce a similarly pristine result where the blades of grass are sitting upright.

There is no secret to how to brush artificial grass. The best results are achieved with a normal garden brush with heavy duty bristles. A swift, positive sweeping motion against the direction of the pile will lift all the individual ‘blades,’ loosening any debris that can be cleared away using a simple dustpan and brush.

Do I Need to Brush Sand into Artificial Grass?

Sand infill is an important part of the installation of an artificial lawn. It acts as a stabilising agent, helping to hold the grass in position as it follows the contour of an individual garden. In terms of keeping the grass looking good over the long term, you may need to replenish the existing sand. This is done by simply spreading the sand across the lawn and brushing it in with a normal garden brush.

The sand also helps to keep the pile upright for longer periods of time, which is why it is such an important element to an artificial lawn installation.

Is There an Artificial Grass Brush Machine?

For many people, mowing a lawn is a pleasure, an opportunity to do some exercise and contemplate life. Even the noise of the engine can help you to block out the outside world as you focus on getting your lines straight and even. In essence this is an act of mindfulness, getting lost in a rhythmical chore, which can help reduce stress and rebalance energy.

If the installation of an artificial lawn makes you yearn for the odd occasion when you did pull out the mower from the depths of the garage, then you might want to check out our artificial grass power brushes for sale on our website.

Here at Artificial Lawn Company, we stock two sizes of the Garland power brush:

  • The 302e - The smaller model, with 32mm width and a 25-litre collection box.
  • The 502e - Ideal for larger gardens and commercial uses, with a 40cm working width and 40-litre collection box.

The Garland Roll & Comb artificial grass maintenance brushes are the ultimate choice when it comes to considering what brush is best for artificial grass. Powered by electricity, it is in many ways similar to a simple mower. (just with a brush rather than blades). When operational an internal brush sweeps any debris into the collection box and lifts the pile into an upright position so that it looks clean, fresh, and as good as new again. Great for easy and quick maintenance, heavily soiled lawns and getting those “Wembley” stripes into your artificial lawn! 

If you’re unsure about which power brush would be best suited for your outdoor space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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