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Domestic Gardens

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One of Artificial Lawn Company’s proudest projects is, without question, the work carried out for a customer whose garden went on to be crowned the Bexleyheath Front Garden of the Year for two years running. 

As you can see from the pictures taken of the garden three years after installation, the Luxury Lawn remains as pristine as the day it was first laid and complements the garden’s beautiful array of flowers.

Before our team visited this customer, it was a struggle for them to maintain a real grass lawn, with the large majority of the time spent on looking after the assortment of flowers and plants. Once the Artificial Lawn Company came in to replace the beaten lawn with an artificial grass alternative, this front garden found a new, award-winning lease of life.

Now, the customer is often quizzed where their lawn is from as visitors couldn't tell it wasn't real until standing on top of it. This certainly makes for a job well done!


Before the installation of their new artificial lawn, this customer was struggling to keep the lawn alive after all the time spent looking after the flowers. A low-maintenance solution was needed to allow for the customer to continue to focus on the front garden’s stunning array of plant life.


For this garden, we went for Luxury Lawn as its bright colour is perfectly suited for gardens with lots of brightly coloured plant and flowers. The longer pile height also helps replicate that of a natural lush lawn.

The Method

We followed our standard installation process, whereby our team removed and disposed of the existing grass before continuing to:

The Process
  • Grade the area to even levels and falls.
  • Supply, lay and consolidate an ALC special granite aggregate blinding layer.
  • Supply and lay a layer of heavy-duty woven weed membrane.
  • Supply and install artificial grass to the area, securing around the perimeter with 6-inch galvanised fixing pins and seaming all joints were required with artificial grass jointing tape and weatherproof polyurethane adhesive.
  • Supply ALC artificial grass infill sand and spread with a mechanical rotary brush.
  • Clear all site rubbish leaving the site clean and tidy.

Final Result?

An award-winning garden! Perfect installation and happy customers as we have just finished their back garden as well. The customer receives lots of positive comments about the finished product and we have got many new customers from their recommendation. A natural and vibrant looking lawn which will stand up to lots of gardening use and require very little maintenance, such as a quick brush now and then.

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