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Domestic Gardens

One of Artificial Lawn Company’s proudest projects is, without question, the work carried out for a customer whose garden went on to be crowned the Bexleyheath Front Garden of the Year for two years running.

As you can see from the pictures taken of the garden three years after installation, the Luxury Lawn remains as pristine as the day it was first laid and complements the garden’s beautiful array of flowers.

Before our team visited this customer, it was a struggle for them to maintain a real grass lawn, with the large majority of the time spent on looking after the assortment of flowers and plants. Once the Artificial Lawn Company came in to replace the beaten lawn with an artificial grass alternative, this front garden found a new, award-winning lease of life.

Now, the customer is often quizzed about where their lawn is from as visitors couldn't tell it wasn't real until standing on top of it. This certainly makes for a job well done!

Some of the Best Artificial Grass in the UK

Here at Artificial Lawn Company, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best quality artificial grass the market has to offer. Our Luxury Lawn is particularly special, thanks to its premium quality that boasts a combination of straight and curled memory fibres. In addition to the two separate piles, Luxury Lawn is also comprised of four contrasting colours in order to achieve a realistic appearance. What’s more, the fibres are especially thick and long at 40mm, creating a luscious appearance that rivals the aesthetic of a well-kept natural lawn.

In order to create our Luxury Lawn, we invested 15 years of research into the project. From this, we were able to create a low-maintenance lawn solution that looks great in rain or shine. In fact, our Luxury Lawn was designed to resist even the most challenging of weather conditions, making it the ideal contender for achieving the Bexleyheath Front Garden of the Year.

Quite simply, Luxury Lawn is one of the most versatile solutions we have to offer, offering something that can be used in family gardens and ornamental landscaping alike. Lavishness is assured with Artificial Lawn Company’s Luxury Lawn.

Is Your Garden Looking Tired?

It can be a difficult place to maintain a quality garden, particularly with buildings and shrubbery blocking the sun.


Bexleyheath Front Garden of the Year

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