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Domestic Gardens

A busy couple in Greater London called on the Artificial Lawn Company team to help create a garden that matched their hectic lifestyle, meaning that it would require very little maintenance.

Although the garden featured an array of beautiful plants bringing lots of colour into the garden, the lawn was letting the side down with dead patches ruining the garden’s image.

The customer was keen to be able to enjoy an attractive outdoor space where they could retreat when their busy lives allowed for it, which is why we recommended our Luxury Lawn. The clue is in the name; a luxury artificial grass solution that works perfectly with the bright colours provided by the garden’s display of flowers.

Following our visit, the garden benefitted from the introduction of a new fake lawn that complemented the plant life around the perimeter. Additionally, metal edging was also installed to neaten up the edges, creating a crisp and clean finish.

Luxury Lawn Installation in Greater London
The Problem

  • This garden was very well planted, with lots of bright and wonderful plants. The lawn covered much of the garden space, but there were a few dead patches that were visible.
  • The main problem, though, was that the couple lived very busy lives working in London and wanted a low-maintenance yet good-looking solution for their garden space. This is what makes artificial grass in London is so popular.
The Solution

  • As there were lots of bright colours and plants, we recommended our Luxury Lawn as the grass is bright olive green and fits perfectly with the plants.
  • Because of the planted borders, the team also recommended the fitting of our metal edging to help keep debris off the lawn and neaten up the edges.

The Method

We followed our standard installation process, whereby our team removed and disposed of the existing grass before continuing with the artificial grass for gardens process:

The Process
  • This was a standard installation for the Artificial Lawn Company team, comprising of removing the existing grass, preparing the area for the introduction of realistic artificial grass, and laying artificial turf.
  • After years of determining how to install fake grass, we also incorporated metal edging into the installation, creating a clear and distinctive border between the artificial lawn and planted areas.

The Result

The result was a perfectly neat and tidy garden which will now be easier to maintain with no mowing and clearly defined edges, all thanks to artificial grass installations.

The bright colour of the lawn also helps maintain the beautiful hues of the garden.

If you find it difficult to find time to maintain your garden space around your busy lifestyle, or if you are simply interested in taking away the need for mowing the lawn, get in contact with Artificial Lawn Company today for some of the best artificial lawns. We will be more than happy to discuss the requirements of your project and offer our expert advice.

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