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Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial Lawn Options For Holiday Park Ground Maintenance

If you are responsible for the ground maintenance of a holiday park, then you will understand the complexities of ensuring all external areas not only look good but also meet high standards of health and safety to ensure that holidaymakers and caravan residents can enjoy the facilities safely.

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Issues Pertaining to the Maintenance of Landscape at Holiday Parks

There are a number of issues to consider when planning the landscape of a holiday park.

  1. Footfall: is the area in a section of the holiday park where it will be having a lot of wear and tear, either with children running around or as a passageway from one area to another?
  2. Safety: is it an area where people play a lot of sports or where children are playing, such as a playground?
  3. Visual appeal: is it an area that is enjoyed by a lot of holidaymakers - does it add significantly to the overall landscape of the holiday park?
  4. Weatherability: is the area weatherproof? Will it cause problems if there is a sudden deluge?
  5. Maintenance: does the area require constant, time-consuming maintenance?
Artificial Lawn Options For Holiday Park Ground Maintenance
Artificial Lawn Options For Holiday Park Ground Maintenance

An Example of Holiday Park Ground Maintenance

Contractors need to consider these issues, and more, when working on holiday park ground maintenance. These parks usually cover a wide area of land, and managing that landscape is a constant challenge for holiday park ground maintenance teams.

Using artificial grass as an option for ground covering will go a long way to answering all the issues outlined above and more.

Artificial Lawn Company recently worked on the landscape of a holiday park in Kent where a lot of the available space was going to waste because it was uneven and, therefore, unusable. 4500m² later, the holiday park enjoys a smart and practical archery area and a specially prepared dog agility enclosure fitted with the company’s Crufts-approved Pedigree Lawn.

The children’s play park was also improved with the installation of 35mm Grass Flex shock pads to ensure the key areas are protected with critical fall height ground coverings.

The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass on Holiday Park Landscape Projects

  • Provides beautiful outdoor areas that can be used all year round without issues surrounding mud, flooding or soil slippage.
  • Maintains its attractive, vibrant green lush landscape despite the weather and no matter how much traffic it experiences. The colour won’t fade in the hot sun, nor will it turn to mud in the cold, wet winter months.
  • Safe, clean, and hygienic play area for children.
  • Low maintenance - will not need mowing or watering.
  • Hyper durable - can withstand high levels of footfall.
  • Dog-friendly - very easy to clean in the event of any accidents.
Artificial Lawn Options For Holiday Park Ground Maintenance

Take Advantage of ALC’s Expertise and Knowledge

All ALC products are installed with a ten-year guarantee, but our happy customers all across Kent will tell you that it lasts for longer than that. As a contractor or holiday park owner, you can benefit from our trade account and enjoy a 30 per cent discount on all our products. Contact our team for more information about how ALC can add value to your contracting business or improve the ground maintenance of your holiday park.

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