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Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial Lawn Suppliers For Public Sector

If you are responsible for the grounds maintenance of public sector and government buildings, then you will understand the cost and complexities involved in maintaining the grass areas to an acceptable standard. You may have already considered replacing areas of real grass with much more maintenance-friendly artificial grass, which is why you have been researching synthetic turf suppliers and artificial lawn installers.

Deciding to replace some areas with artificial grass will make a significant impact on your overall maintenance costs, enabling you to redirect your budgets into more worthwhile areas, such as replanting trees, shrubs and flowers.

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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial lawn suppliers are accustomed to contractors being astounded by the myriad benefits of using fake grass. The most obvious is the lack of maintenance required to keep a fake lawn looking neat. Quite simply, an artificial lawn does not grow, so it does not need mowing. This will save you time, equipment costs and operator wages.

This is particularly pertinent when looking after those hard to reach areas, such as around trees, the borders of car parking spaces and small infill patches of grass that are awkward to mow, frequently worn and patchy, and look permanently tired and unkempt. Replacing these areas with artificial grass will ensure they are clean, useable and much safer to access for the general public.

Artificial Lawn Suppliers For Public Sector
Artificial Lawn Suppliers For Public Sector

A wide range of artificial grass applications

Whether you are looking to install artificial grass for hospitals, schools, residential care homes, or other public access buildings, the safety of the people using the building is of paramount importance. Wet, muddy, puddle-ridden patches of natural grass can be a slip hazard for many. In areas of high footfall, such as the borders of car parks, it can become dangerous for visitors and staff alike.

Artificial lawn is porous, so any rain or surface water is immediately drained away through the soil. This ensures that the grassed area is kept dry and safe for walking on, no matter how inclement the weather.

Durable and Long Lasting

When you consider that synthetic turf suppliers have fitted sports pitches with artificial grass for decades, then you will understand how strong and durable the product is and, therefore, suitable even for areas where there is heavy footfall. As one of the country’s leading artificial grass installers, ALC gives an automatic 10 year guarantee, and happily reports to clients that for areas where there is little footfall, the grass should last for much longer than this.

With basic care and attention (clearing debris when required and regular brushing with a stiff brush), your lawn will maintain its realistic green grass colour in winter and summer alike without any fading. Every ALC artificial grass product is UV stable, so it is not affected by sunlight and maintains its original colour.

Artificial Lawn Suppliers For Public Sector

Partnering with One of the UK’s Best Artificial Lawn Suppliers

If you would like to partner with ALC, one of the UK’s best artificial lawn suppliers working with local government and public sector contractors, you can register with a trade account here. Trade account holders automatically qualify for a 30 per cent discount on all our product prices. If you have questions regarding a specific project, reach out to our team, who will be pleased to support you in any way.

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