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In most residential gardens you will see both lawn and patio features installed side-by-side, although, depending on your design skills, this can look as plain or as fancy as you would like. If you want your outdoor space to be more than just a standard path leading up to your lawn, why not view some of the artificial grass and paving ideas championed by the Artificial Lawn Company team?

From original rounded edging to beautiful fusions on pavement and lawn features, we are confident that your creative juices will start to stir when you see some of our favourite garden designs.

Patio and Curved Edging


Our first piece of inspiration features a garden that has made its artificial lawn the centrepiece, separating a patio area and dedicated space for small trees and foliage. Rather than stick to a rigid four-sided design, the lawn has been cut to an original shape with curved edging around the perimeter. This certainly isn’t an off-the-shelf garden design and is one that has been carefully thought out and considered.

Rounded edging systems make for a modern and luxurious feel in the garden, allowing you to enjoy your artificial grass in whatever shape or size you desire. Stones can be rounded and fixed into place relatively easy to create whatever design you have in mind.

Grid Pattern


This novel garden idea lends itself to introducing furniture and transforms the area into a social space where friends and family can gather. Here, the patio has been laid before the artificial grass, allowing for a measured area in which to lay the sub-base and create a pattern in an otherwise patio-heavy garden.

Most people will agree that a garden consisting exclusively of a patio is bleak and boring, with the colour and vibrancy of an artificial lawn adds some much-needed life. Whereas real grass will fade and become worn and muddy, particularly in the winter months, a synthetic surface requires very little maintenance to remain in fantastic condition all year round.

Simple Artificial Lawn Play Area


For those who are looking for grass and paving ideas suitable for a family with young children, this should spark your interest. While this is a simple design, it is an effective one that offers a safe area for children to play that has been rounded off with pavement at either end of the garden. A path at the side connects the two ends of the garden without the risk of children falling from playing apparatus and causing injury.

In designs such as this, Artificial Lawn Company recommends one our top quality safety underlays which we commonly use for school and home play areas. This is to reduce the risk of injury if, and when, the little ones take a tumble, cushioning their fall and helping them back onto their feet. For more information please click here.

Minimalist Pavement and Grass Patio Design


This modern design can be found on a balcony, with the owner making full use of what space they have. Before this may have just been a standard grey cemented area that wasn’t at all welcoming for anyone to want to spend time there. Now a patioed space with luxury garden furniture with an artificial grass perimeter, completed with raised flower beds and hedges in the background, have completely transformed it.

The design is an inversion of what we have seen earlier in this article, with the lawn encompassing the patio and not the other way around. This means that the artificial grass and sub-base required multiple edging systems – one of which is around the edge of the area leading up to the walls around the perimeter and again running up to the patio area.

Making the Most of a Small Garden


This next artificial grass and paving idea echoes the design philosophy of our first garden which featured rounded edges and a unique shape. Here, the lawn makes use of both straight and rounded edging in amongst raised flower beds and patio. Large plant life allows for an element of privacy in what you can see is a congested residential area.

Despite only having a limited amount of space to play with, flexible elements such as the artificial grass and patio surface can be tailored to suit any area. The bright colours in the garden make for a friendly little spot to retreat to, ideal if you want a little bit of peace and quiet or somewhere to catch up with friends and family when you don’t wish to be stuck indoors.

Raised Artificial Lawn Beds and Patio Steps


Our final design features a beautiful minimalist take on the artificial lawn-patio fusion, featuring both flower and fake grass beds either side of patio steps. This modern landscape makes for a clean yet vibrant look in the garden and, with a distinct perimeter incorporating both hedges and fencing, there is a lot going on in such a confined space…and it works.

Normally you have to be careful in trying to accommodate so many features in a humble amount of space but, by giving each feature its own border, this design certainly works. Pressure-treated timber edging adds a natural look and feel to the garden, separating the artificial grass from the pavement, which is something we love here at Artificial Lawn Company.

If you have a design in mind that incorporates use the artificial grass, we invite you to get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01474 364320 or send us a message via the contact page.

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