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Artificial grass is a more than adequate alternative for the real thing and this has been proven over the years. While its lusciously green appearance is certainly one of the most popular features, that isn't the only reason for our synthetic surfaces being so in demand. A fake lawn from Artificial Lawn Company is durable and sturdy, making it an ideal all-weather solution, not to mention perfect for both pet and human traffic.

Focusing on the former, pets can benefit massively from an artificial lawn. Not only is synthetic turf soft on the paws and easy on the eyes, but it also won't suffer as a result of wear and tear or mess. This makes it a more hygienic, cleaner and, in some ways, a safer substitute.

Artificial Grass for Pet Cages

If you've just replaced your lawn with fake grass and you have some scraps leftover, why not consider putting these to good use in your pet's cage? No matter the type of pet you have, from guinea pigs to hamsters and rabbits, artificial lawn makes for a fantastic way of lining your furry friend's cage.

Below we have compiled just a few considerations and ways you can use artificial grass for pet cages but before we get into that, let’s talk about which animal cages artificial grass is suitable for.

Which Pet Cages Are Benefitted by Artificial Grass?

In short – all of them! Artificial Lawn Company’s artificial grass range is designed to be non-toxic, easy to clean and completely pet friendly, ensuring whatever furry friends you have can enjoy your lawn without risk. With a natural blend of colours and seamlessly realistic synthetic fibres, artificial grass looks and feels extremely similar to the natural alternative, just with greater durability and strength.

Fake grass for rabbit runs, guinea pig hutches and other rodent pet cages benefit everyone, making cleaning up a quicker job for you whilst providing comfort for your pet. It’s really that simple.

Artificial Grass Pet Cage Ideas

Now we have covered the situations where artificial grass works in pet cages, we can discuss how you might want to incorporate this versatile material into your hutch or enclosure.


The use of fake grass as flooring in pet cages has certainly become one of the most popular alternative uses of the surface and it is easy to understand why. It is incredibly simple to keep clean as it can be quickly washed down and you can use disinfectant on the turf for a more thorough clean.

Artificial grass and rabbits go together like a match made in heaven because they will benefit from the look and feel of a natural lawn whatever the weather! Note that rodents and rabbits will not eat artificial grass typically (but it is worth keeping an eye on them the first time they’re exposed to fake grass),  so there’s no need to worry about that, either.

A Green Backdrop

Conversely, if you don't fancy using artificial grass as flooring, why not give your pet a slice of the good life with a green backdrop? Easy to install, synthetic turf can be used on the cage walls to keep your pet's mood lifted. It looks fantastic and can be washed down if you notice any dirt building up between the blades. A quick, unique and attractive way to bring more personality to your pet’s space.

Splash ‘n' Dash

Finally, if you aren't too keen on the suggestions above, why not give your beloved pet a coaster or ‘table mat' for when they enjoy their meals and a drink of water? Using artificial grass for this purpose is great as it will catch any ‘splash ‘n' dash' moments from your pet. Plus, it will allow your pet to enjoy a spot of summer joy all year long.

These are just three ways to use fake grass in a pet's cage; in truth, the limit is your imagination!

Of course, replacing your entire lawn is just as good as giving your pet their own green space. Not only are artificial lawn surfaces very gentle on tender paw pads, but their realistic appearance is ideal for pets who enjoy a sprawling ‘field' to run around in.

At Artificial Lawn Company, we specialise in creating exceptional and durable outdoor spaces perfect for the whole family, including the four-legged ones. So, next time you're thinking of paying out for repairs on another pet-damaged muddy patch, opt for artificial grass and watch your maintenance troubles disappear. Learn more about our installation service here.

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