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Best Artificial Grass for Children’s Play Area

Children’s play areas need to be a lot of things: stimulating, engaging, durable and – most all – safe. Hard concrete and tarmac are an absolute no-go. Children love to run and jump around, but as their motor skills and coordination isn’t fully developed, they’re prone to tripping over and falling. In this instance, tarmac and concrete offer nothing in the way of a soft landing and, inevitably, lots of grazed limbs and tears will ensue. 

Lots of playgrounds use natural grass because it’s soft and safe for children, but it’s messy. As mentioned, children love to run, jump and even dig, not to mention pick at the grass. This often results in dead patches, upturned turf and lots of mud being churned up. This is why it’s common for play areas to have play grade bark chippings. They’re soft, not muddy and cheap – perfect for children’s play areas, right? 

Wrong. Play grade chip is indeed soft and safe, but despite the low upfront cost, it needs to be replaced every 2-4 years, and that’s not to mention the staining to clothes and potential for it to be kicked outside of the area, making other areas look messy and upkeep. 

So, if tarmac, real grass and play grade bark aren’t suitable for children’s play areas, you’re probably wondering what is. Artificial grass is an excellent solution. It’s not messy, won’t stain clothes, requires next to no maintenance, is soft and safe, and it’s extremely durable and long-lasting – exceeding a lifespan of 12 years in most cases. 

There are lots of fake grasses to choose from, so knowing what the best artificial grass for a children’s play area is no mean feat. If you’re wondering what you need to be considering, keep reading as we simplify how to pick a suitable children’s play area turf. 

Key Considerations 

There are a number of things you need to be considering when choosing synthetic grass for an area where children will be playing. For clarification, you need to factor in:

  • Feel – the surface should be soft enough so that the energy from falls is absorbed into the ground rather than through the child
  • Wear – anything to do with children needs to be robust and hard-wearing so that it can withstand the constant patter of small feet, heavy toys and mischievous hands
  • Practicality – you will need to make sure that every child can access the play area. Children with mobility issues or disabilities can sometimes struggle on uneven ground like grass or woodchip, so you need to ensure the surface is accessible and fair for all
  • Cost – children’s care providers are often working on tight budgets so the solution needs to be cost-effective and not impede on other areas that need to be considered

Artificial grass takes all of these things into account. It is soft and safe; there’s nowhere for children to graze their limbs or hit their heads, and the addition of shock pads make it all the softer as they absorb the energy from a fall. 

With an average lifespan of 10+ years, artificial grass is a leading solution when it comes to durability and passing the wear and tear test. It can withstand almost everything. The only thing you’ll need to consider is that heavy play equipment may cause indents in the surface of the artificial grass the same way furniture indents on carpet. This shouldn’t be a problem in children’s play areas where equipment typically doesn’t move. 

From a practical point of view, artificial grass is the best choice. It doesn’t require mowing or watering, as natural lawn does, but it also doesn’t require constant replenishment like play grade wood chip. Not only this, artificial lawn is the most accessible option for children with physical disabilities and health problems that might prevent them from full mobility. The surface is extremely flat, unlike natural turf and bark, making it wheelchair friendly and accessible to those who might use walking aids or prosthetic limbs. Artificial grass means every child can access the play area fairly and equally. 

In addition to all this, artificial grass is the cheapest solution. It’s so durable and low maintenance that it requires little investment, time, money or energy for typically a decade, resulting in savings in more than just money. 

Artificial Grass Options 

We have a range of artificial lawn for playgrounds, all of which meet the criteria listed above. Our most recommended solution for play areas is our Active Lawn. It has been designed specifically with children in mind. Some of its key features are:

  • 40mm pile length – super soft blades underfoot reminiscent of natural grass
  • W-shaped fibres – specifically designed to bounce back from the pressure of small feet, toys and play equipment
  • Straight and curled pile – looks more natural and realistic
  • Four tone colour mix – resembles natural lawn and blends into the surrounding area seamlessly

These are the key qualities an artificial lawn for a playground should encompass, and the Active Lawn does just that, for an affordable price. 

Alternatively, our Landscape Lawn is another popular option for school and play areas. It also boasts impressive relax, but with a natural appearance and great durability. Some of its features include:

  • 30mm pile length – similar to the active with super soft blades underfoot, mimicking that of real lawn
  • C-shaped fibres – not quite as amazing recovery as the W-shaped fibres of the Active Lawn, but still have a great reflex and bounce back quickly
  • Straight and curled pile – giving a natural appearance
  • Two tone colour mix – the contrast of green and brown colours allows for a more natural finish

All of these factors have made our 30mm Landscape Lawn a very popular option amongst schools.

Buy Artificial Grass for Playgrounds 

The Artificial Lawn Company team are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about installing fake grass into your children’s play area. If you do have any questions or want to order a sample of our Active Lawn or any other artificial lawns, please contact us online or call us on 01474 364 320. 

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