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If your property features a small courtyard garden, it can feel as though you have very little opportunity to transform the space into somewhere you would happily spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with even the smallest of outdoor areas possessing the potential to be so much more than you can ever dream of.

With a courtyard garden design comes the desire to find peace and tranquillity, as well as a little bit of privacy - as you are more likely to have neighbours in close proximity. This is why many of the entries below feature courtyard wall ideas that give you back your own space, which is something that it may not have been previously.

To relax in your garden is the right of all homeowners with outdoor space, who simply want to sit back and feel the sun (because we all know how precious a sight that is in the UK) without feeling the prying eyes of the neighbourhood on you at the same time. We hope that you find our courtyard ideas to be the source of inspiration to transform your garden.

Extend Your Living Space


One of the best ways to make the most of your remote garden space is to utilise it as an extension of your living quarters. Rather than separating the two, break down the barrier and open the space up to create one open-plan area that not only breathes new life into your outdoor space but allows for natural light to illuminate the property.

In the example shown here, you can see how this small courtyard is used as an extension to the living room with the bi-fold doors left open creating an open space, complete with an outdoor dining table and chairs providing a central feature. The surrounding plant life, as you can see, means that your living space remains private. During the warmer months, this can be utilised as a fantastic spot for social gatherings.

Garden Reception


Staying with the outdoor social theme, this small courtyard design features high fencing and small trees for privacy whilst adding a natural feel to the space, so as you don’t feel as enclosed. The garden corner sofa which, in the shaded area provided by the trees, is the ideal spot for gatherings with friends and family during warmer months, as well as somewhere for your to have a moment to yourself with a good book and a cup of tea.

You will also notice the patio and grass fusion that creates an attractive design. This can easily be obtained by cutting artificial grass turf to measure and laying in between slabs of patio that can, potentially, double up as edging, too. Using synthetic turf as part of small courtyard garden ideas in the UK is ideal to save on storage space outside of the colder months, as well as the necessity of cutting awkward spots between features.

Long and Narrow Courtyard Garden Idea


This example is one for any homeowner with a long yet narrow courtyard garden who is struggling to find a way of maximising the space they are afforded. While you can see that the home is situated in a built-up area, with houses either side of the property, the design still allows for the homeowner to have their own space outside. This particular property, similar to our opening example, features bi-fold doors left wide open extending the living space with an internal dining area in full view of the garden.

With no barrier between the inside and out, the living space is extended beyond its original parameters. What we like here is that no patch has been left to chance, with a real mix in features that include greenery, patio and decking along with well-presented flower beds. All of this blends to create a quaint little spot in what might otherwise be an easily forgotten and underutilised area at the back of the house.

Simple Yet Effective


Sometimes, simplicity is the most effective and that is the case with our fourth courtyard garden design idea, which essentially just splits the space into two. Closest to the door, the garden is decked out with treated timber, where you could include an outdoor dining set if you like, with the second half of the space featuring a space for a children’s swing hanging from an oak tree and hammock for mum or dad.

The lawn area is raised, creating a dynamic look and feel to the courtyard, which is shut off from the outside world with well-maintained hedges along the edge of the garden. Without cramming in too much into a tight space, the owners of this garden have found that, sometimes, less is more in creating an idyllic spot for anyone, young or old, to come and get some fresh air.

Garden Patio with Small Lawn and Blossoms


Our final courtyard garden features a garden patio sectioned off with a small patch of lawn surrounded by blooming flowers and plant life that create a beautifully designed space in which to sit and admire. Although probably not the go-to design for families with young children, this courtyard is a suitable quiet space for anyone looking for their own slice of nature away from the concrete jungle that is the city.

This particular design makes the garden look far bigger than it actually is, creating an illusion of a large area with so much going on, all the while leaving ample space to sit in the garden without impeding on anything or anyone.

Here at Artificial Lawn Company, we stock a wide range of artificial grass suitable for even very small courtyard garden designs. Simply get in touch with our team today to discuss your garden space and how we can help to turn your dream into a reality with the finest synthetic surfaces on the market.

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