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Kent is known as the Garden of England, thanks to its lush green landscapes, and Artificial Lawn Company is all about enhancing these spaces. Quite simply, Kent’s landscapes are rapidly evolving, and this means the best artificial grass in the UK is becoming more impressive and more widely adopted.

Although it’s widely believed that synthetic turf is intended to replace natural grass, we don’t believe that’s the future of artificial grass in Kent. Instead, we love natural grass and all it has to offer, which is why we’re keen to use our most realistic grass in the UK to enhance and complement natural grass for years to come.

The Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass in the UK

Our best-quality artificial grass comes with a number of environmental benefits, including the following:

  1. Water conservation: Perhaps the biggest environmental advantage of artificial grass is that it helps to conserve water. Kent is one of the many British regions that face water scarcity and periodic droughts, leading to hosepipe bans in which expansive lawns can’t be cared for.
  2. Reduced chemical usage: In addition to copious amounts of water, large lawns typically require the use of fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides. This is to maintain lawn health and rid it of pests. Unfortunately, though, these chemicals can go on to harm the environment by leaching into the waterways and soil.
  3. Minimal carbon footprint: Expansive lawns require a significant amount of mowing & strimming which can contribute to carbon emissions. These smaller petrol egines produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other gasses bad for the environment Therefore, incorporating synthetic turf into the space in moderation can be extremely helpful.

The Future of Artificial Grass in Kent

The Economic Advantages of Artificial Grass Landscaping

While the environmental benefits of artificial grass are of the utmost importance, synthetic turf also makes way for a number of economic advantages. For instance:

  1. Long-term savings: The maintenance of large lawns can be extremely costly when you add up the water bills, electricity bills, and lawn care equipment costs. Therefore, incorporating artificial grass into the space could help reduce this, even if the initial installation costs will likely be higher.
  2. Increased property value: The aesthetic of artificial grass helps to boost the curb appeal of a property, which can then lead to an increase in property value. As a result, synthetic turf can be seen as a sound investment for Kent homeowners.
  3. Year-round usability: Artificial grass is best placed in areas that receive a lot of footfall. This is because it allows for a completely level surface that’s free of mud and other slip and trip hazards. Similarly, excessive use doesn’t result in unsightly patches, making synthetic turf the most convenient solution for these areas.

The Growing Popularity of Artificial Grass in Kent North

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in a number of Kent’s spaces, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Residential adoption: Homeowners across the Kent region have decided that synthetic turf is the right option for their dwellings. This is predominantly down to the fact that it’s low maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing. As the benefits of synthetic turf become more and more apparent, it’s likely that its popularity will continue to grow.
  2. Commercial applications: The advantages of artificial grass are also being realised by businesses across Kent. This is down to the unmatched cost-efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and durability of synthetic turf. All manner of artificial grass and paving ideas are coming to the forefront for a number of premises, transforming the commercial landscape in Kent.
  3. Public spaces: In order to reduce maintenance costs and conserve water, a number of public spaces are adopting the idea of artificial grass. Schools, sports fields, and parks are just some of Kent’s spaces that are seeing the benefit of synthetic turf, creating safe and inviting spaces for the community.

Overcoming the Challenges

As with anything, artificial grass isn’t without its challenges. Despite this, it has a hopeful future in which these challenges are sure to be overcome. The primary challenge of artificial grass is its perception.

As previously mentioned, the perception of artificial grass isn’t always a positive one. This is predominantly down to the fact that it’s believed that synthetic turf is designed to replace natural turf, which simply isn’t the case. Instead, we install artificial grass to enhance and complement natural turf, allowing homeowners and businesses to experience the best of both worlds.

Similarly, as artificial grass is crafted from plastic, synthetic turf is often tarred with the same brush as single-use plastic. Despite this, the two can’t be compared. Artificial grass is made to last, meaning the environmental impact of such is nowhere near as detrimental as single-use plastic. Instead, synthetic turf can last as many as 15 years, meaning it’s not a massive contributor to landfill waste.

Step Into the Future with Artificial Lawn Company

Here at Artificial Lawn Company, we provide synthetic turf solutions that can stand the test of time. Be sure to browse our range to discover how you can bring your outdoor space into the future.

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