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Troublesome Tree Roots and Artificial Grass

Big leafy trees are often associated with idyllic suburban homes. Whether they are smack bang in the centre of a sprawling garden or tucked away in the corner to provide plenty of shade and a lush green border, they really do look the part. Aesthetics aside, trees are loved by people of all ages because they offer the ideal space for things like swings, summer picnics, winter snowball fights and – the all-time favourite – treehouses. As family friendly and picture perfect as big trees are though, their roots can be somewhat of a challenge.
Though we look at trees and marvel at the majestic beauty of nature’s engineering, the lower you go, the less appealing they are. Once the roots break through the ground surface and begin to hog the resources, things turn sour very quickly. Tree roots can kill grass off in the blink of an eye, and they have a habit of turning once-pristine gardens into bumpy obstacle courses, dotted with dry and dusty patches.
Some people try to solve the problem by growing or laying grass over the roots, though this proves to be a difficult feat. Others take drastic measures and remove the tree altogether. To avoid both of these hassles, you can invest in root coverage options like artificial grass that not only look great, but work well with even the bulkiest of tree roots.
Artificial grass from can normally be placed right over tree roots without causing any damage; the tree roots are unlikely to harm the grass either. Of course, there are other popular choices for tree root coverage such as natural grass and mulch, but they tend to wear away easier and leave dusty bald patches once the roots take hold. With artificial grass though, you can lay the lawn right up to the trunk of the tree and not have to worry about the wear and tear aspect. In turn, this means you won’t end up with an unsightly bald ring around the base of the tree.
As well as covering up the roots and eliminating dusty bald patches, artificial grass will also:
Suppress weed growth

Whilst you can’t completely avoid weed growth, the backing used with artificial grass makes it incredibly difficult for the weeds’ roots to settle in the soil and take hold.
Insulate tree roots and help soil to retain moisture
Tree roots, like any plants, need water, sunlight and warmth to grow in healthy soil. The synthetic material of artificial grass can help to insulate the roots, which is useful in the winter. It can get hot under there though; ideal for growing tropical or subtropical trees, but not so much for indigenous British trees that are used to the cold.
Look lush and green, without having to compete with the tree for natural resources
Artificial grass requires barely any maintenance, yet it still looks lush and green all year round. It doesn’t compete with other plants and trees in the area because it doesn’t require any of the same natural resources. However, whilst the grass does not need watering, the tree roots underneath will. You need to think about how to fertilise and irrigate the tree underneath the grass, so check the permeability of your chosen lawn before you install it. The manufacturer or the team here at Artificial Lawn Company will have the details. Click here for our maintenance free grass ranges and take the backache out of maintaining your old weedy grass!
These are just some of the benefits of using a low-maintenance, durable and flexible fake lawn. The array of different styles and shades available is also a feature because it allows you to colour match the artificial lawn to your natural one (unless you choose to use artificial grass throughout). So if you need to manage unsightly and irritating tree roots get in touch with Artificial Lawn Company today and talk to the team about what artificial grass can do for you.

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