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Artificial grass has been around for decades; however, it seems that with its recent advance in structure and materials, its beneficial features have only just resurfaced to provide homeowners all around the world with a cost effective, greener alternative. Not only can fake grass be easily maintained in terms of cleaning and care, it is also good to use all year round and can survive the common wear and tear brought on by boisterous pets that love to soak up the sun just as much as we do. So, say goodbye to sun-dried patches of earth, unsightly mud baths and sweaty hours of mowing and hello to a pristine, green substitute.

However, fake grass doesn't just have to stay in your backyard all alone in the depths of winter; it can also be brought inside and incorporated into the home décor to create a unique substitute for common household furniture and items.  Today, we will be taking a look at just 3 unique ways you can turn your home inside out and bring the summer lawn to you.


Now it may sound a little strange at first but artificial grass can make a fantastic rug if you want to go all-out, unconventional on your home design. Not only will it make a brilliant place for you to stand your side table or centre piece, it won't suffer as a result of wear and tear. Also, depending on what style of grass you pick, fake lawns can often feel soft and comfortable beneath your toes and won't leave thread or other debris lying around, making it ideal for a living room rug.

Yoga Sanctuary

Relaxing in a shimmering sunlit garden is a dream of many, especially yogi who enjoy meditating in a peaceful, calming environment but with the English weather, this dream isn't always possible which is why fake grass can make an exceptional choice for a home yoga sanctuary. Not only will the lawn's realistic appearance along with some dimming lights and gentle music help you to relax into a state of meditation, if you don't yet have a yoga matt it is comfortable to sit or lay on during your sessions. In addition, your room will feel nature-inspired and along with a few potted plants, will make the ideal sanctuary for you as a yogi.

Children's Bedroom

Kids love to run around and play in the mud especially when they're dressed in their best clothes however, as mentioned before the British weather doesn't always serve to make us Brits as happy as pie so instead of waiting for the weather to brighten up a little, why not try a more unique approach to a child's play area? Now, this doesn't mean you have to invest lots of dosh in a brand new bedroom nor does it mean that you have to build a ten foot treehouse attached to your kids bedroom, but instead fake grass can reinvent the idea of a play area right in your kids bedroom.

Of course, growing grass indoors is not a practical option or even an option at all so why not schedule summer early this year and install a fake lawn instead? Not only will its realistic appearance give the illusion that your kids are outside playing in a far off meadow, it's also very soft and durable so can take an incredible amount of bumps and trips without the need for a second instalment. In addition, due to its gentle nature, artificial grass is believed to be able to minimise injury caused by falls meaning that your child can stay safe.

These are just 3 of the unique ways you can use artificial grass in your home. Can you think of anymore? 

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