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Our artificial grass installations in Surrey have enabled us to create lush and low-maintenance gardens for homeowners and commercial premises across the county. Being on London’s doorstep, plenty of Surrey residents commute to the capital daily. As a result, a number of locals simply don’t have the time to tend to their lawns. In fact, their free time would be better spent relaxing and unwinding in their gardens, which is where Artificial Lawn Company comes in.

We put all the hard work into creating a lush and low-maintenance garden for your Surrey property, so you don’t have to. That said, a number of our customers wonder whether artificial grass maintenance in the UK is required at all, which we will go on to answer below.

Does Artificial Grass Need Maintenance?

Although we vow to provide stunning lawns that require minimal maintenance throughout Surrey, this isn’t to say that the maintenance of artificial grass is non-existent. In order to keep your artificial lawn looking its best, it will require some maintenance. Don’t let this deter you from the idea of a synthetic lawn, though, as artificially turfed garden spaces are much easier to care for than natural grass.

What Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Need?

So, it’s clear that artificial grass will require some maintenance, but what exactly does this mean? Quite simply, you’ll need an artificial grass maintenance brush, which is nothing more than a soft-bristled broom. You should use this to unflatten any grass fibres that may have been trodden down because of footfall and remove any debris. If you have pets, on top of this, rinsing the lawn regularly will help keep the lawn free from any smells.Aside from this, artificial grass maintenance tools are unnecessary; a regular rinse and brush are all that’s needed.

A lot of people believe that artificial grass care and maintenance requires you to vacuum the lawn; however, we actively discourage people from doing so. This is because vacuuming your artificial lawn can remove the infill sand. Similarly, any moisture from the lawn can be damaging to the vacuum cleaner.

What’s more, individuals often turn to rakes to remove debris from their synthetic lawns. Despite this, we wouldn’t recommend this as the sharpness of a rake could lead to damage to the lawn. Plastic rakes can be used be avoid anything metal; brushes still work the best though.

Creating a Lush and Low-Maintenance Garden with Artificial Grass in Surrey

How We Achieve Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass That Looks Great

Quite simply, Artificial Lawn Company is able to create lush and low-maintenance gardens throughout Surrey because of our expertise and experience. We have been in the industry for decades, meaning we have experience with traditional and innovative artificial grass technologies, providing us with a comprehensive view of the industry. Therefore, whether you have an old house or a new build, we have an artificial grass product and installation method to suit. Similarly, having installed synthetic turf for a number of years, the process has become second nature. As a result, we promise an aesthetically pleasing and fuss-free solution every time.

So, if you want a lush and low-maintenance garden solution, we always recommend making use of our installation service. While it is possible to install our grasses yourself, in the absence of years of expertise, it can be difficult to achieve a seamless finish for more complicated areas other than a small square.

When installing an artificial lawn on your premises, we begin by preparing your lawn, where we measure the area to determine how much artificial grass and other materials are required. After this, we remove the existing lawn (if there is one) and lay a base of granite dust if the artificial lawn is to be laid on soil. Then, we help your lawn stand the test of time by laying a geotextile membrane to prevent weeds from growing out of the turf. Next, we install the artificial grass and trim the excess to shape and join the pieces of grass. Last but not least, we spread and brush in the kiln dried infill sand with a mechanical rotary brush.

Although this is the standard process, the requirements of each project will vary significantly. As a result, your garden space may call for alternative practices.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Its low-maintenance nature is just one of the many benefits of artificial grass. Other advantages include the following:

  • It’s able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • It has a life expectancy of around 15 years.
  • It doesn’t allow for discolouration, patchiness, weeds, or mud.
  • It lowers your water bills.
  • It stays green all year round.
  • It’s ideal for kids and pets.
  • It doesn’t aggravate allergies.
  • It drains well.

It’s for the above reasons that artificial grass is so popular across the Surrey region.

Reap the Benefits of a Fuss-Free Lawn with Artificial Lawn Company

If you’re looking to incorporate an artificial lawn into your Surrey property, look no further than Artificial Lawn Company. Simply get in touch to discover how we can transform your garden space.

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