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The office, a hive of desktop computers, identical desks and less than comfy chairs - it's all a bit doom and gloom right? Well here at the Artificial Lawn Company (ALC) we think that your office could do with sprucing up the ALC way. In this article we will give you 8 compelling reasons why your office needs artificial grass. 

8. The Beauty of Artificial Nature

As you've probably noticed, the office is like the place nature forgot,  a barren wasteland of tech and paperwork - with a drooping pot plant constituting as the great outdoors (if you're lucky). Although artificial grass isn't exactly natural, it is the next best thing. Nowadays synthetic grass is cultivated to be both realistic and resilient, something natural grass just simply isn't. Artificial grass brings the outdoors indoors without all the mess and the fuss!

7. Artificial Aesthetics

An artificial lawn can bring a whole new dimension to your office. The contrast in colours, textures and style can really help to bring office to life. More than just a talking point, an artificial lawn space will undoubtedly make visitors green with envy.

6. Preserving the Artificial Patch

Keeping you're artificial office lawn looking in tip top condition needn't cost the earth, actually it needn't cost anything! As the grass is artificial there is no need to waste time watering it or fretting over sunlight. Your office patch will stay as green as the day you bought it - No yellow or discoloration.

5. Artificial Costs

The actual cost of putting a synthetic lawn into your office is incredibly affordable. The size of the area you wish to cover will determine how much you pay (a no brainer really). Since artificial grass doesn't require a high level of maintenance, costs are therefore lower. So no lawnmower costs, water bill hikes or need for lawn care products.

4. Artificial Ergonomics

Artificial grass comes with a myriad of benefits of both an aesthetic and ergonomic nature. These benefits transfer well into an office environment as well. Synthetic grass can be applied to all manner of different objects and areas which allow for user interaction. Such objects include tables, chairs, floors and walls. 

3. Artificial Adaptability

Following on from the ergonomic portion, artificial grass exhibits a high level of adaptability, versatility and of course durability to meet a variety of demands. This malleable quality makes it ideal for office use, both inside and out.

2. Real Safety with an Artificial Touch

Artificial grass nowadays is manufactured at a level of unprecedented quality, safety and control (just like ours for example). This means that your workforce is free to interact with the surface in a safe and ultimately secure manner, without fear of injury or consequence.

1. An Artificial Uplift

Incorporating a section (or sections) of artificial grass into any office environment is a great way of uplifting employee morale, well-being and overall workplace efficiency. The grass serves up a more natural sight which; acts as perfect contrast to the general bland - regimented feel of an office interior.

And there you have it ALC's ‘8 reasons why your office needs artificial grass'. With so many real benefits, there should be nothing holding you back from giving your office that artificial edge. For more information regarding any of ALC's products and services browse our website or contact us via the options available.

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