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Artificial grass and pets are the perfect match-ups; with low maintenance requirements, easy clean-up and no muddy paws. Claim back your time at the weekends as artificial grass requires no mowing and there is no cycle of reseeding and hoping for a luscious green lawn year after year. It’s an excellent accompaniment for dog runs and kennels or can be used to spruce up a patio but a little known benefit is that artificial grass for chickens can also be a great pairing! 

Artificial Lawn for Chickens

Chickens are a popular animal to keep as they form emotional attachments, simply require an open space to run around in and provide us fresh, tasty eggs for breakfast. A good quality chicken coop has a dedicated space for nesting and ample space for your chooks to stretch their legs. 

Artificial grass can play a part in either the run or the nesting box. In the nesting box, a high pile, natural-looking grass can provide plenty of comforts and makes a lovely ‘carpet’ to catch messes for easy cleaning. Used in the chicken run, a mixture of artificial grass and natural grass can provide mental stimulation but if you are worried about the area becoming a grass-less mess, then simply a layering of artificial grass will be fine. Some chicken owners scatter feed and treats across the lawn to give their chooks something to forage for throughout the day. 

Since 2012, across EU industry chicken farms, artificial grass has become the norm for flooring in chicken bases, alongside the lesser-used sand and grass. This has enabled large-scale farms to become more environmentally friendly, reduce the amount of water usage and ensure their chickens are still happy and engaged. 

What’s the Benefit of Artificial Grass for Chickens?

Chickens can create quite the mess with their droppings and while this acts as a natural fertiliser for the ground, it can be quite unsightly and be unhygienic for your chickens to constantly run around in. 

If you choose to use artificial grass, you simply need to take out the artificial lawn, give it a hose down and leave it to dry before popping it back in the coop. The natural waste won’t stick to the fibres and should you experience any stubborn marks, a mix of dish soap and water will quickly have your artificial grass looking like new again. 

Furthermore, while chickens love to scratch up the ground and remove weeds. If you don’t have a large garden to constantly be moving your chicken coop around, you can end up with large stretches of dusty/muddy areas that can take away from the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

How to Make Fake Grass Smell Better in Coops and Runs

Depending on the number of chickens, size of the run and area to be covered, your artificial grass can end up quite dirty if you aren’t cleaning the coop regularly. This can lead to bad smells and even stubborn stains so it’s recommended to give your artificial grass a regular hose down, at least once a week, for the goodness of your pets. 

If you’re worried about the smell of waste from your chickens or your four-legged friends, there are several options for a deeper clean. 

  • Diluted White Vinegar - Considered one of the must-haves of the cleaning world, diluted white vinegar can be fantastic for a whole host of messes and smells. The only issue is the faint smell of vinegar that is left behind which will diminish over time but may require a few more hose downs to disappear completely. The best part of using diluted white vinegar is that it actually neutralises and removes odours, rather than simply covering them up. 
  • Disinfectants (Zoflora/Jeyes fluid) - Although there are potentially hundreds of different disinfectants on the market, many of them have overly strong odours that tend to cover up smells rather than get rid of the problem. Two recommended brands are Zolfora and Jeyes fluid, both used by professional cleaners and known to neutralise and remove odours rather than try and cover them up with flora scents.

Some guides recommend sprinkling sand over urine patches to soak up the mess however this will only lead to crystallisation and difficult clean up, so we recommend avoiding this method. 

Artificial Grass for Aviaries and Bird Cages

Chickens are not the only feathered friends that benefit from a lush, green carpet in their home and most pet birds will enjoy a patch of artificial lawn to call their own. Depending on the type or types of birds will influence the best type of artificial grass. 

Smaller birds, like budgies, aren’t known for the ground foraging so the artificial grass you use can be aesthetic in nature. Whereas parrots do love to have a good nose through materials and can be quite destructive, so make sure to watch them carefully interacting with their artificial grass over the first few days before leaving it in their cage permanently. 

The benefits of artificial grass are as clear here as they are when used in chicken coops; it’s much faster and easier to clean up leftover messes and it looks fabulous too. Simply remove the artificial lawn layer, give it a hose and once it’s dry pop it back in the cage. Many owners who use artificial lawn in their aviary tend to keep two pieces for convenience, making it easy to swap them over while the other is getting cleaned. 

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Here at Artificial Lawn Company, we understand the importance of pets and ensuring they are happy and comfortable. After all, they directly influence our own happiness and it’s our responsibility as an owner to care for our furry and feathered friends. Artificial grass can bring plenty of joy to your pets while giving you back some spare time to spend with them and will save in costs for water and the power used for mowing as well. 

Start planning your artificial grass garden and pet run today, view our range of artificial grass online or read through our detailed installation guide to get an idea of the process involved.

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