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Monday 3rd July marks the start of two of our favourite weeks of the year, as the best tennis players in the world compete at the world famous Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.

It is arguably the most quintessentially British time of the year, as strawberries and cream are in full flow and the nation waits with baited breath to see whether Andy Murray can retain his crown (come on, Andy!).

Another thing that Wimbledon manages every year is to inspire a new generation to pick up a tennis racket. With an artificial grass surface, you can provide a tennis court where the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams can practice day in and day out.

The Best Surface Possible

Tennis is primarily played on three main surfaces - grass, clay and hardcourt. For youngsters that are looking to learn the sport, it is advisable that they play on a surface that provides a soft landing if and when they take a fall, but also provides a true and firm bounce of the ball.

Real grass, as elegant as it looks during the opening few of days at Wimbledon, soon becomes worn out. For example, if you watch any final at the Championships, you will notice that the standard of play is far beyond that of the grass it is being played on.

By using an artificial grass surface, players will not wear out the court anywhere near as quickly as real grass and will have the perfect surface on which to play. Also, you won't even have to worry about grass stains - unlike at Wimbledon, where they play in all-white kits on the grass!

What Type of Artificial Grass Should I Use?

While there are many different types of artificial grass, if you are looking to install a tennis court then you will do well to opt for sand-filled Tough Lawn. This surface has been specifically designed for sports use, providing a firm bounce of the tennis ball.

Tough Lawn will withstand constant play, providing the same exceptional experience for years after installation, without the constant need for maintenance. The surface can be installed inside and outside, so players can take to the court day and night, rain or shine.

If you would like more information on using artificial grass for a tennis court, or any other sports surface, please call the ALC team on 01474 364320 today.

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