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Designing a garden that not only looks the part but is fun and safe for any children living in the home doesn’t always come easy. With that being said, thanks to the flexibility of artificial grass – mixed with a dash of creativity – a child-friendly garden can be a reality that sparks the little ones’ imagination. We also offer safety underlays to further cushion the area and provide extra shock absorbance and make your area safer.

For any parent, safety comes before anything else when it comes to their child. That means turning your property upside down to ensure that children are growing up in a safe environment that reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. The garden is no different and, if anything, is where you should focus most of your efforts (especially with the summer months in mind).

Families with young children are constantly looking at how to make a garden safe for toddlers and anyone running around who might take a tumble. Here, we present some of our favourite children’s garden design ideas that lend themselves to fun and safety.

Traditional Kids’ Play Area


Our first garden idea features a traditional children’s play area in the corner of the garden, allowing for plenty of space for other features that you perhaps wouldn’t be as keen for the little ones to be running in and out of. This miniature playground includes a swing and table and chairs with rubber mulch providing a safe landing for any trips and falls.

Here, you can see that the homeowners have decided on making a play area in the garden that still allows for beautiful blossoms and greenery to be prevalent. Around the play area is an edging system that is used to distinguish between the play and garden areas, as well as providing an anchor for the turf. Expecting play to be confined to this one small section of the garden is, as any parent will know, simply not going to happen. That’s why an artificial grass surface surrounding the area makes for a good child-friendly option, as it will cushion your children’s tumbles helping to prevent any bumps or bruises.

Garden Playhouse


If you have the space and budget available, then this could be the garden design idea with a children’s play area you have been looking for. For one, it is completely different from anything you would expect to find in a residential garden and, two, any child can have hours of fun running, climbing and sliding around the garden.

This garden playhouse is relatively simple in its structure, featuring a decking system with barriers with a slide at one end and a ramp featuring artificial grass and climbing aids at the other. Adding a touch of class is a raised sloped flower bed that not only looks pretty but provides a soft landing for any child that gets a little overzealous in their play.

While this example is certainly on the larger side, there is no reason why you could not draw inspiration from this and scale the feature down to suit your garden. Your kids will be keen to invite their friends over.

Sunken Trampoline


At some point or another, every family is likely to have had a trampoline erected in the garden for their children to bounce up and down to their heart’s content. Of course, this presents a few issues (other than the fact they are far from being the most appealing sight in the world), such as the potential for the trampoline to fly off during stormy weather and the possibility for children to fall off and take a considerable tumble.

A sunken trampoline takes away all of those concerns and means that even smaller children, who you might be a little more apprehensive to allow to bounce around – especially with any older siblings. Additionally, sinking the trampoline into the ground allows for extra space, which means that making a play area in the garden is considerably easier without damaging the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

For Football-Mad Kids


What football-mad girl or boy wouldn’t want their very own pitch in their garden? It’s the dream of many a sporty child growing up, who had to may do with a flimsy pop-up goal that broke every time you dare strike the ball with any velocity. With enough space in your garden, you can easily transform your outdoor space into your own five-a-side pitch complete with goals.

At Artificial Lawn Company, we stock specialist artificial grass sports surfaces that have been designed for rough play, making the turf suitable for games such as football, rugby and more. This means that play can continue all year round and doesn’t have to be limited to the summer months. Worry no longer about mood being trodden through the home or your lawn being ripped to pieces, especially in the case of any sliding tackles between brothers and sisters (or adults, for that matter).

All Out Children’s Playground


Our final child-friendly garden idea features going all-out on transforming your outdoor space into a children’s play area, because why not? They don’t stay kids forever, so you might as well savour these years whilst you have them because if you blink you will miss them. This particular example features all of the regular playground essentials with artificial grass used to break up the mulch and sand areas, making for an attractive design.

Probably most suitable for commercial areas such as schools, there is no reason why you could not incorporate this into your back garden. Providing the children with their own space will keep them entertained when outside…leaving them with absolutely no reason to ever complain about being bored ever again!

This is just a snapshot of what is possible when coming up with children’s garden ideas, as well as what is possible with the introduction of artificial grass that won’t only keep the little ones safe, but look great whilst doing so, come rain or shine.

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