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Summer is often cited as allergy season in the UK, with grass pollens causing sniffles and watery eyes in most common cases. Unfortunately, although sufferers can’t avoid this completely on family walks, we can tackle hay-fever at home to make our summer experience a lot more comfortable.

How, you may ask?

Well, we have a solution that can help to banish grass pollens, as well as being likely to reduce your symptoms altogether; artificial grass. Yes, that’s right! Organic grass’ plastic counterpart can do wonders for sufferers during the summer.

You see, as we mow our organic lawns to ensure they are neat and tidy for visiting relatives and friends, we are spreading grass pollens, providing the perfect environment for symptoms to manifest. Fake grass, on the other hand, does not require mowing, nor does it consist of the pollens that cause hay fever symptoms.

This can help to make summer a much more pleasant season for those who enjoy lazing or playing in the garden.

So, as a fantastic alternative for hay-fever sufferers, how else can we combat allergy season. Well, we can limit our exposure to other common allergens that may have an adverse effect too. One such allergen is insect spray, which, as we all know, is considered to be a major must-have during the summer. Believe it or not though, artificial grass can help here too!

Fake grass doesn’t provide an ideal environment for bugs, being plastic and all, which means it is less likely to be crawling with unpleasant insects. Plus, without the need for harmful pesticides and the like to protect your lawn, it is also safer for occupants, as they won’t be breathing in harmful chemicals either. Learn about the cost of artificial grass. 

Of course, you can couple this surface with other safe preventative methods too, for extra protection against creepy crawlies this summer.

So, combat allergy season this year with Artificial Lawn Company's artificial grass, and let us know the difference!

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